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Skandibar - Unique and versatile pop-up tipi

SkandiBar was built around wanting to combine all the elements of an outdoor event without the restrictions that four walls bring with them. People have always said that no event supplier has it all; SkandiBar is here to change that. We are the first to offer marquees, staff, food, alcohol, staging, furnishings, lighting, entertainment, insurance, locations...even bathrooms. Anywhere, anytime.

Van Go Collections
Our Top 5 Tips for Winter Travel

The fact that we can head for the open road and go caravanning again is the best news we've heard in a long time. And seriously, what a perfect time to go.

why choose a marquee wedding katalane event hire

Whether you're inviting the cast from Spartacus or you're going for something a little more intimate, hiring a marquee is the way to go. No two marquee set-ups are the same; the space can be as small or large as you want it to be.


There are many ways to combat dry skin - being mindful of the changes in temperature throughout the year, keeping baths and showers to a time limit in water that's not too hot, only using central heating or air conditioning when necessary, being sun-smart when outdoors...

Gold Peg - Systems for Evolution
Gold Peg tells: Not all was lost during Australian bushfires

Like many countries, Australia is no stranger to devastating bushfires; however, the recent fires shook Australians - and the rest of the world - to the core. The statistics are heartbreaking; 18,600,000 hectares (an area larger than Portugal), at least 33 people, around 3,000 homes, and an estimated 1 billion animals (and that's excluding fish, frogs, bats and insects) have been lost...

What Exactly IS Triple Milled Soap?

Soap has been around for thousands of years, with a history dating back to 2800 B.C., however, the Triple Milled method of soap making was only developed in France in the 1700's. Since then, this process has been refined to something of an art form and Triple Milled soap has now become synonymous with quality and luxury.


When you want your special event to be truly unique, you'll need to look for suppliers with a point of difference. At Katalane, we don't run with the pack. As an event hire company, we make it our job to go above and beyond to give you exactly the wedding or party you're looking for.

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Bamboo Plate | 26cm | Grey

Our Australian-designed bamboo plates are perfect for everyday outdoor entertaining. A fresh and modern addition to any camp or caravan setting, these eco-friendly plates feature a square design for easy and compact storage and are made to mix 'n' match in the stunning colours of the great outdoors.