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Copywriter Proof-reader and English Teacher

United Kingdom

My name is Cathy. I have been a secondary English teacher for over ten years. I have been a writer all my life. I can write a range of styles, for a range of audiences, to a range of briefs. I am not afraid of repetition.


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Occupational Therapist | Stoneham Therapy Services | England

Established in 2020 by Marisol Stoneham BSc, Stoneham Therapy is on the forefront of efficient, effective Case Management. Providing effective and empathetic rehabilitation is our ongoing aim and focus. Offering Case Manager and Occupational Therapist services


Office Branding - Why is it So Important?

There is no doubt we live in a visual world; what your office looks like communicates with your employees, associates and clients before a word is spoken. Your office should reflect who you are as a business; your professionalism; your investment and your brand identity. A high-quality office design has benefits beyond the aesthetic.

How to Maximise Event and Exhibition Branding

Events, exhibitions and trade show spaces are an important investment for businesses with the sector being worth over £42.3 billion to the UK economy alone. The opportunity at these events to see a significant ROI and drastically increase brand awareness and recognition is huge.


Stockeld Park
How To Enjoy Pumpkin Picking in Yorkshire - Our Expert Tips - Stockeld Park

There are scary noises coming from above and below at Stockeld Park this Halloween... If there is one thing we know at Stockeld Park, it is how to make the most of a seasonal activity. Having one of the largest pumpkin patches in Yorkshire means our pumpkin picking is no exception!

Grass Science Seeds
What Type of Grass Seed Should I Use?

When considering which type of grass seed you should use it is important to establish first what your lawn requirements are. Deciding which grass seed to use can feel overwhelming; however, establishing what your requirements are will make the process of choosing the best grass seed for you very easy.

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