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Catherine Mack

Writer and Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

A senior copywriter, editor and travel writer specialising in sustainable and eco travel, I have worked as a freelancer for national and international publications and websites for ten years. I also spent 4 years as content creator of travel guides at responsibletravel.com. I am currently Editor-in-chief at Rail Europe UK (formerly Loco2.com), creating an overhaul of all content since its rebranding and merger.

I am open to writing content on any subject, and I have also written media articles on family issues. However, sustainability and ethical products are what interest me most. My forte is keeping things light, even when the subject can be a little dark, or adding humanity and humour when things get a little heavy. I am also currently writing a book about Ireland, my birth country. I am now based in London.

Rail Europe
Visit the best national parks in the UK by train | Rail Europe

They are called Britain's breathing spaces for good reason. With fifteen national parks in total, we have oxygen oozing from so many corners it's hard to know where to start. Most British people have only visited a handful of UK national parks, southerners vowing to get up to Northumberland one day and northerners keen to suss out the South Downs.

Islands by train | Rail Europe

Most people who know and love to travel in Great Britain have at least one island on their radar that they would like to visit one day, but don't get around to it. Here are some beauties that you can visit by train, and ferry of course.

Irresponsible tourism

Sadly, the tourism industry just gets things wrong sometimes and, at Responsible Travel, we strive to highlight the pitfalls of our desire to discover the world. Sometimes at any cost. Or else, carried away by our desire to have a much needed break, we just turn a blind eye to irresponsible tourism.

The Irish Times
A glimpse of Berber life - trekking in Morocco's Atlas Mountains

The heart of a walnut is a delicious, nutritious and surprisingly beauteous thing. Such are my musings on a trekking tour of the High Atlas Mountains where, in the midday heat, I value the shade of the walnut trees on the arid red sandstone slopes.

Responsible tourism in Rwanda. Helping Dreamers Do.

Responsible tourism in Rwanda guide. Honest and easy to read advice to help ensure that your trip benefits the local community, wildlife and environment and make sure that you are sensitive to Rwanda's traumatic recent history. Read more in our responsible tourism in Rwanda travel guide.

the Guardian
Catherine Mack on ethical tourism in Kenya

I am sitting under an acacia tree in the middle of the Maasai Mara. In the distance, the black dots of the wildebeest are interspersed with the red robes of Kenya's Maasai people, drifting across the plains, to take part in today's meeting under the tree.

the Guardian
Montenegro's pristine Lake Skadar threatened by new resort

Like its Adriatic neighbour Croatia, Montenegro is a rapidly-growing travel destination: in 2016 there were nearly 1.5 million visits from international tourists - up 6.9% on 2015. But although the country is known for eco-tourism and as a "soft adventure" hotspot, tourism development hasn't been without controversy.

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