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I'm a Las Vegas native with feet on the trail, heart in the desert and nose in a book. My coverage of the outdoor and active lifestyle industries runs the gamut from interviews with executives and brand profiles to trend pieces and more personal experiential writing.

When not road tripping to Zion or trying my hand at a new activity, I make the most of the Front Range of Colorado by hiking, camping, snowboarding, horseback riding and microbrew sampling.

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Indoor Climbers Take Plastic For Granite

With the number of indoor climbing gyms growing in places far from the slabs of limestone required for outdoor ascents, more people are roping up and becoming “plastic climbers.”

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The Almighty Cause

The reasons to contribute time, money and visibility to a cause don’t end at the bottom line.

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Outdoor Athletes Need Brain Buckets

Experts from Sweet Protection, Giro and Shred & Slytech talk about the latest helmet innovations - and why there's no excuse not to wear one.

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Hiking Unplugged

What are we missing when we take our devices on the trail?

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The Fear Of Returning To Snow

Winter Park’s mental skills coach, Stephanie Zavilla, explains how to banish psychological demons and recover with confidence this ski season.

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Working Out With Blunt Force's 'Elites'

The citizens of Denver come to Tiffany Coolidge's no-frills training and conditioning center for the kick-ass workouts and stay for the friendship.

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Design And Conquer

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the innovation process with Molly McCall and Hillary Cribben, the design masterminds behind Boulder-based Zeal Optics.

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Winter Skincare Survival

In the midst of congratulating yourself on getting sweat-wicked, insulated and waterproofed, you forgot that square foot of face that remains exposed to the elements.

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The Immortal Down Puffy Is Here To Stay

Thanks to constantly evolving tech and style, this winter standby continues to attract van life diehards and urban bike commuters alike.

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What Can Guides Do For You?

Alex Kosseff, Executive Director at the American Mountain Guides Association, gives us the lowdown on responsible adventuring.

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Backcountry, Ho!

Alpenglow Sports' Jason Layh sees the backcountry trend riding a wave of stoke from last year's epic conditions.

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Icebreaker Is Cool To The Core

Justin Walford, GM of North America, Icebreaker, talks core consumers, outdoor specialty and e-commerce.

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Sticky With Fangs

Negotiating mud, rocks and fear with the U.K. running brand's Founder Wayne Edy and Product and Marketing Director Michael Price.

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Hyperlite Breaks Into Technical Apparel

Fall hiking season means it’s time to load up your daypack with all that stuff you forgot during the golden season of long days and abundant sunshine.

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One-On-One With LifeStraw Managing Director Alison Hill

As the filtration and purification company’s Follow the Liters program nears its goal of providing safe drinking water for one million children, Hill reflects on the experience and what’s next for LifeStraw’s CSR efforts.

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The British Are Running

Move over, Abbey Road and Baker Street. A new thoroughfare in London is gaining traction.

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Toad&Co Hops Into Golden, CO

The grand opening event bore a quintessentially Coloradan stamp, complete with a food truck, beer from Mountain Toad Brewing and plenty of kids and dogs.

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Knowing Shade

Performance eyewear brands are bringing cutting-edge technology and materials to their retro and fashion-forward styles.

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Brace Yourself

Bryan Smeltzer, general manager of Zamst U.S., explains why “support is perhaps the fastest-growing category in sporting goods.”

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The Actual Value Of Trump's National Parks Donation

The Sierra Club, the National Parks Conservation Association and Outdoor Industry Association all point out that $78,333 won't make much of a dent in the $12 billion NPS maintenance backlog.

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Bits And Pieces

How do outdoor accessory companies make sure their consumers walk out with hats, belts and socks along with what they walked in for?

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One-On-One With Roka CEO Rob Canales

The triathlete-turned-executive talks about leading Roka from a "hobby company" to a diverse and innovative performance brand.

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