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I am a versatile writer with experience writing for blogs, social media, websites, essays, and reports.

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My interests range from budgeting advice, DIY home repairs and decor, beauty, athletic equipment and clothing, human interest pieces, social/cultural/religious topics (I have a bachelor's in Sociology), generational differences, and book/movie/music reviews. I spend my time reading, traveling, and taking care of my houseplants.

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Should Hardwood Floors Match Throughout The House?

When purchasing hardwood flooring, you may wonder if all of your hardwood floors must be of the same material, color, or installed in the same direction. If you would like to purchase all new flooring or add to existing hardwood floors, we've found some expert advice on how to create both contrasting and matching layouts within your home.

Introvert, Dear
The Real Life of a Highly Sensitive Introvert

When I was in first grade, we went on a field trip to see The Nutcracker - watching those beautiful ballerinas dance around the stage in shiny costumes filled my eyes with tears. I subtly glanced around and realized I was the only one of my classmates experiencing such an emotional response; most of them laughed or weren't paying much attention to the performance at all.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

As a volleyball player, your shoe choices may seem limited compared to other types of sports shoes. With such a small selection of volleyball shoes available, you probably wonder if basketball shoes may be substituted. We've compiled the research here to show the difference between basketball and volleyball shoes and whether they are interchangeable.

How to Match Ceiling Paint? [4-step process]

Upgrading your home includes repainting your ceilings, but sometimes you no longer have the original paint on hand for touch-ups. In this instance, you need to find a new paint that matches the shade and finish of your original paint color. Luckily, we researched paint matching in-depth so that you know the exact steps for refinishing your ceiling paint.

Does Metal Roofing Rust Or Fade In Color?

If you need a new roof and are considering a metal variety, you may wonder whether metal roofing rusts or fades over time. While metal roofing may be the most durable and affordable material for your roofing over other options, we've found some important details about the longevity of metal roofing in terms of rusting and fading.

Is a Black Metal Roof Too Hot? [and how to reduce overheating]

If you live in a warm climate and want to paint your metal roof black, you may wonder if the dark tone will keep your house too hot. In regards to black metal roofing and the various factors that affect its temperature, we found some research that explores how to paint your roof black without significantly decreasing your home's energy efficiency.

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