Carla Stoikos

Student Journalist

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Social Media Will Not Ruin Your Career

A frightening number of articles and blogs online are advising students that their social media presence will damage their chances of scoring the job of their dreams. The New York Times published a piece written by a 'millennial computer scientist, who writes books and runs a blog' and who claims that social media has...

I Went Sugar Free And Survived To Tell The Tale

A month ago I was mocking the sugar-free girls on Instagram smiling into their salads. I would comfortably devour two jam and cream filled doughnuts, whilst lounging on the couch watching Man VS Food because judging Adam Richman for eating a 190-pound (86 kg) burger made me feel a lot better about my own...

It's Time To Learn To Love Classical Music

If you are reading this, it means you are either Student type A A super enthusiastic student whose already so prepared for final assignments and exams that you decided to take a quick break and learn some new ways to improve your already well-structured study regime. Student type B You have woken up...

All You Can Eat! Free Food on Your Birthday!

Set that alarm for 7 am. Presents can wait. Cancel your birthday brunch. Google maps at the ready. It's a special day, it is your birthday but more importantly, there are a number of places to receive free food. Put down your 2-minute noodles, put on your comfiest Adidas originals and start collecting your...

Free Workouts to Really Kickstart Your Fitness

Spending money on fitness clubs and gyms is hardly in the top three most important things for students to spend their money on. Keeping healthy however should be in everyone's top three main priorities for a better wellbeing and thankfully there is now a way to do both.

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