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TotalVPN is one of the most prominent and popular VPN services on the market today. It definitely has an impressive list of features. Since its makers and users tend to make...


How the Salaries of the Highest Paying Oilfield Jobs have Changed Since the Crash - Drillers

THE OIL INDUSTRY CRASH The oil industry has always been a prolific one, which drives all other industries. Now, it's seeing its biggest downturn in decades. While the oil price...


Have a Great Social Media Strategy for your Startup | bizHUMM

Social media has become the number one activity on the web today. It has become a no-brainer for every business to harness the power of social media. Now, the question is not...



The healthy male breast contains both fibrous glandular and adipose (fat) tissue. Gynecomastia is the medical term for swelling of the glandular breast tissue in men or boys,...


Comparing The Stages of a Business to a Human Life | bizHUMM

We asked one of our staff writers to come up with a simple description of the business life cycle. You may have heard of the seven common stages most businesses have to undergo....

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Trevor Noah-Its My Culture

Stand-up comedy Review

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Horny Goat Weed Side Effects


Guide to Brain FItness

An informative blog post about the importance of brain health and what one can do to attain it.

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How Drugs Affect the Brain

Informative, research piece on the effect of drugs on the brain

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5 Female Thriller Directors: Vixens behind the Camera

We take a look at our talented female thriller directors, from the Academy award-winning Kathryn Bigelow with her ability to create epic, but personal political thrillers to...