Candice Frederick

Freelance Writer for Hire - Entertainment, Pop Culture, Lifestyle

I am a freelance writer for /Film, The Mary Sue, Vice, Harper's Bazaar, Hello Beautiful, Gamespot, Bitch Media, The Undefeated, SYFY, Thrillist, Birth.Movies.Death, and Black Girl Nerds. I am also a pop culture panelist on "Real Live," on ABC News Live.

A former Editor at Essence Magazine, where I wrote and edited center-of-the-book features as well as arts and culture articles and helped launched their digital platform, in 2009 I founded Reel Talk Online, a blog dedicated to film reviews, commentary, and features with a focus on marginalized narratives.

I am a member of the Online Film Critics Society, African American Film Critics Association, and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

I was also the co-host of "Cinema in Noir," a podcast that specifically highlighted diversity in entertainment across media.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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On The Marginalization Of Black Female Victims And 'The Rape Of Recy Taylor'

It's been under a month since the New York Times blew the lid off a supposed well-known secret in Hollywood that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed many women in the...


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Writer/director Dee Rees has been anything but predictable. She became a household name in 2011 with her first feature-length film , a gutting coming-of-age narrative about a...


I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: How The 20-Year-Old Horror Film Created An R-Rated Nancy Drew

The classic teen slasher turns 20 today. I was 16 years old when my friends and I rolled six deep to the movie theater to watch the latest teen slasher movie. For my friends,...

Heard Tell

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'Nappily Ever After' Author Trisha R. Thomas On Natural Beauty And Bringing Her Inspiring Debut...

Raise your hand if you fell out when you heard that author Trisha R. Thomas's can't-put-down debut novel Nappily Ever After, which inspired many women to embrace their natural...


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Wonder Woman & the Future of Female Superhero Movie Directors

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Why We Need to Care That Asian Girl Heroes are Commanding 2017 Films

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[REVIEW] 'Step' Is Every Black Girl's Story

When I was 17 years old, I was in and out of the guidance counselor's office at my high school, surrounded by college applications, financial aid informational packets, and my...


The Sometimes Funny SNATCHED is What White American Woman Privilege Looks Like in a Foreign Country

SNATCHED starts off innocent enough, for Amy Schumer standards. Emily (Schumer), a young woman with her head up her own a$$, is all hyped for her impending Ecuadorian vacation...



Make no mistake: what we've seen with the latest contributions to the Planet of the Apes franchise is in a word, spectacular. From the special effects to the astonishing...


How FENCES Explores the Scars of White Supremacy and the Notion of a Post-Racial America

On the surface, FENCES presents a black couple living the American Dream in the 1950s. They own a home. They're the proud parents of a son in high school (who's even being...