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Glasgow shows solidarity with Manchester after attack

Bolander told the crowd: "Deliberately killing children is the height of cowardice and truly evil. We stand here together with the people of Manchester - shoulder to shoulder - to show strength, love, and deep sympathy for all people affected by last night's events.

Demonstrators demand ScotRail improve services for disabled people

David Lister, who chairs the ScotRail Alliance Stakeholder Equality Group, said: "This type of language from the RMT is deeply disappointing and in no way reflects the reality of what is happening on Scotland's Railway. In the last four-week period alone we ran over 57,000 services and 99% of those had a second member of staff on board to look after our customers."

Underground Network: An App Could Spark the Next Political Revolution

The Underground Network was born three years ago, just before the political chaos that was the campaign for the United States presidential election of 2016. When Como first started to share his idea, people were unconvinced he could get people to pay attention or care.

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Should Scotland Support Soft Opt-Out Systems For Organ Donors?

Despite 41% of Scottish people being organ donors, NHS asks for more participants, as people still die every day in the UK waiting for a transplant. This February the Transplantation Bill fell, failing to change Scottish law to an 'opt-out system'.