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Brittany Anas

Freelance Writer

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Hi, I'm Brittany Anas (pronounced like the spice, anise ... see, that wasn't too embarrassing to say, now was it?) My professional writing career started when I was in elementary school and my grandma paid me $1 for each story I wrote for her. I'm a former newspaper reporter, with more than a decade of experience Hula-hooping at planning meetings and covering just about every beat from higher-education to crime to science for the Boulder Daily Camera and The Denver Post. Now, I'm a freelance writer, specializing in travel, health, food, and adventure.

I've contributed to publications including Men's Journal, Women's Health, American Way, TripSavvy, Eat This, Not That!, Apartment Therapy, Denver Life Magazine, 5280, Livability, The Denver Post, Simplemost, USA Today Travel Tips, Make it Better, AAA publications, Reader's Digest, Discover Life and more.

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Make It Better - Family, Food, Finances & Philanthropy
8 Sleep Myths - Busted! Decoding the Latest Research About Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for good health. But what if you've been making decisions about your sleep routine based on outdated information? Also, if you've declared 2019 your "year of sleep," are those bedtime gadgets aimed at helping you achieve deeper sleep actually working?

This Small City Is Home to the Coolest Art Museum You'll Ever Visit

Most museums you've been to probably have stern warning signs: "Do not touch the art." OK, that's fair. But Meow Wolf is the antithesis of most museums. At this interactive Santa Fe fantasyland where art meets sci-fi, not only can you touch the artwork, but you're encouraged to enjoy a truly immersive, multi-sensory experience.

These Are The 10 Best Beaches In The U.S. For 2019

Wish you could laze on a beach under clear blue skies, soaking up some sunshine with crashing waves setting the soundtrack? It's time to stop daydreaming and "seas" the day by finally planning that beach getaway. We asked readers to tell us their favorite spring break destinations, and beach vacations

Apartment Therapy
5 Surprising Places to Live in the U.S. If You Love Hiking

For some people, a big backyard is a priority-as in a backyard that boasts hundreds of miles of trails perfect for weekends spent hiking and exploring. You know of the biggies like the Rim-to-Rim in the Grand Canyon and The Narrows in Zion National Park.

Apartment Therapy
The Best Affordable City for Your Zodiac Sign

How does moving to a brand new city sound? For some zodiac sun signs, like Cancers, it might sound terrible, as they're prone to staying close to their family and are nostalgic for the "old neighborhood." (Though, it might be a great experience for them to get out of their shells a bit!)

Japan Has More Than 350 Kit Kat Flavors That We Don't Have In The U.S.

I went to Japan for spiritual renewal. I came back home with the most amazing stash of Kit Kats. Let me explain: Last spring, I embarked on a soul-searching, 11-day sojourn with REI Adventures. Most of the trip consisted of hiking, tracing the routes that ancient emperors took for spiritual

The Know
7 ghost towns in Colorado from graveyards with ill-fated sheriffs to spoils left behind by...

By Brittany Anas, Special to The Denver Post With abandoned mines, dusty streets and ramshackle buildings, Colorado's ghost towns have a knack for giving visitors goosebumps. Colorado has roughly 300 ghost towns throughout the state, mostly concentrated deep in the mountains, where miners - who had dreams of striking it rich - set up settlements, and along the Eastern Plains, explained Tom Noel, a state historian who is known as "Dr. Colorado."

The Know
Eight of Denver's most creative margaritas to try on National Margarita Day

Most Unique: The Tarantula at Masa Cocina Mexicana, $12 A candied, edible hibiscus leaf looks a bit like a tarantula crawling out of the glass of this mezcal-based margarita. It's also mixed with an aloe liqueur to lend herbaceous and floral notes, as well as a hibiscus agua fresca.

Reader's Digest
The Best Speakeasies Hidden Inside Hotels

The next time you check into a hotel, you may want to peer behind a bookcase or ask the front desk for a password. Some of the most unique speakeasies are hiding out in hotels.

DIA Kills Its Passive-Aggressive Train Delay Message

This obit honors the passive-aggressive announcement that inspired irritation, giggles, and surprise from riders of Denver International Airport's train over the years. | For years, passengers shuttling between Denver International Airport's terminals were publicly shamed if they were dilly-dallying while boarding the tram or tried to hop on at the very last second.

Men's Journal
Recipe: How to Make the Spiciest Margarita You'll Ever Try

If you embrace spiciness, then leave the pineapple-jalapeƱo or watermelon-habanero margaritas to the rookies. Like its name, this spicy margarita cuts straight to the point, and it doesn't lean on fruit mixes to tame its fire. Serious Tequila Drinker? Here's Where to Find the Best Margaritas in the U.S.

Travel Travel
The 10 Most Adventurous Activities in Dubai

Updated November 09, 2016. In a couple of ways, Dubai is one of those destinations that offers up a two-in-one vacation experience. For starters, it's a place where rugged is juxtaposed with luxe in the best way possible. By morning, you can try out sandboarding - which is like snowboarding, but on sand dunes.

The Denver Post
5 places in Denver for fireside drinking and dining

Patios are highly revered in this sun-soaked city, and rightly so. But with cooling temperatures and snowfall that could last - well, until spring, assuming we'll get snow this winter - there are a few noteworthy fireplaces at Denver restaurants burning for some attention, too.

Denver Life Magazine
Get a Taste for Charleston l

Perhaps one of the best compliments you can give a favorite food is to say you crave it. The meal left such an impression with you that memories of it are taunting your brain's receptors, making you wonder when you'll experience that covetable taste again.

Health and Fitness

Women's Health
6 Nutritionist-Approved Things You Can Do After 6 p.m. to Lose Weight

"At night, we tend to do minimal activity, so we don't need as many calories as we did during the day," says Koszyk. "So the excess consumption of calories at night may result in weight gain, poor sleeping, or indigestion." Check out these R.D.-approved tips that will save you from your nighttime self.

Men's Journal
The National Parks Workout

Ditch the gym and hit up these National Parks for the best workouts (plus an epic city park gets an honorable mention).

Women's Health
8 Carby Snacks That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to lose weight, you've probably shunned carbs at some point (especially when it comes to snacks). But while refined carbs like Goldfish crackers and Pop-Tarts can spike your blood sugar and derail your weight-loss goals, your body actually needs healthy sources of carbohydrates, like whole grains, fruits, and veggies, to function.

Women's Health
7 Women Share the ONE Thing That Finally Helped Them Lose Weight

When you're on your fourth grilled chicken salad of the week and the scale hasn't budged in ages, it can feel like your weight-loss plan is conspiring against you-and that's frustrating AF. But instead of giving up altogether or trying every piece of weight-loss advice you've ever heard, you might just need to make one small change to get your momentum going again.

Women's Health
7 Ways to Lose Weight Even When You Sit at a Desk All Day

Being desk-bound at your 9-to-5 (ugh, more like 9-to-7) can set up a series of weight-loss hurdles. Your typing fingers are the only part of your body actually getting a workout and mindless snacking at your desk under the glow of fluorescent lights isn't exactly helping to whittle your waistline.

Eat This Not That
Eat This, Not That! at the Mall | Eat This Not That

Ahh, the mall food court: An American icon, where you can be wooed by the sugary smell of a cinnamon roll at one turn and bite the bait of a teriyaki chicken sample at the next. If you get caught in the food court trap during this holiday season, here's what you should eat and what you should avoid at all costs.

Food and Drink


Men's Journal
How Beer Can Help Your Weight Loss

When it comes to health benefits and alcohol, antioxidant-rich red wine is usually the drink drawing all the praise. But beer - carbs and calories notwithstanding - also has its upsides, with studies showing the beverage can help prevent kidney stones, strengthen bones, and aid your digestive system.

Men's Journal
Hungover? Science Says You Should Hit the Gym

You know your future self well enough to predict you'll likely imbibe, and perhaps a bit too much, at Oktoberfest. It's all good, though: Just make sure you keep up with that gym routine. New research, led by the University of Sydney, found moderate exercise can cancel out some of alcohol's harmful effects, chiefly cancer risks, so long as you're not a habitual binge-drinker.

Features Writing

Denver Life Magazine
Man Cave? Meet the She Shed - Denver Life Magazine

Artist Kristin FitzGerrell outgrew her makeshift wood shop in the family garage, which she and her saws shared with bikes, camping gear and a Ping-Pong table. She took up shop temporarily in a rented downtown Boulder garage. But, then, she worked with Louisville-based Studio Shed to build her own backyard sanctuary.

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