Bradey Resulta


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As a recent graduate of Marian University (WI), I have developed a well-rounded aptitude for writing. I have a Bachelor's degree in Writing, and a Minor in Culture, Media, and Gender Studies. Much of my advocacy for social justice is reflected in my work; both creative and technical.

As intimidating as it sounds, the power of language is reflected in our inevitable reasons to believe it. Stories speak to our truths. They dictate our feelings, provoke our actions, and sway our beliefs. It is my utmost goal to use this for the advantage for the greater good.


Published Work

Portage Magazine

"You were good," he says. He takes the piece of flesh that he removed from my upper left thigh and places it into a plastic bag that is then tied shut with a rubber band. During the entire process, he didn't get a drop of blood on him.

Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
Miniature Gods - Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets

My aptitude for writing is rooted in something deeper than a general appreciation. Like most writers, my initial understanding of the power of language has been adopted through habitual reading. As an extremely anxious, unmedicated, child, reading became my coping mechanism that provided me with alternate realities in which I felt safe.

Grant Writing (Technical Writing)

Creative Fiction


Fever dreams. Mama bears. The dead still speak. How loyal are we to our primordial tendencies?


Sarah wants a divorce, but needs a sign. Who knew that a vegetable and bloodied wedding ring would give it to her?