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Jordan Taylor

Sex, Love, Dating, Relationship and Lifestyle Writer.

Location icon United Kingdom

Born In Northern Ireland, Jordan is a Pizza Eating, Netflix Watching, Coffee Addicted Writer. Currently living in Bath, Uk. A hopeless romantic with an unusually quirky personality, she's done everything wrong when it comes to dating and has lived to tell the hilarious tales. They say the Irish are meant to be lucky, but this girl is anything but.



Elite Daily
How Losing My Hair Forced Me To Finally Love Myself

We all have things we like about ourselves, some of which can be pretty weird. You might adore your eyes, or you might like your boobs, but only when you're wearing that certain top. It's not vain, and it's not being cocky.

Elite Daily
How Being In A Relationship Completely Ruined My Self-Esteem

I've never been an overly confident person. From as far back as I can remember, I've always had a list as long as my arm about things I would change about myself: both inside and out. I remember that when I was younger, I'd play a game with myself that I called "The Magic Game."

Elite Daily
How I Helped My Mother Land The Date Of Her Dreams

My parents divorced when I just just 15 years old. My mother spent the majority of her time focusing on her career, going back to school to get a degree and spending any spare minute she had on raising us three. She never made dating a priority and never had time for a man.

Elite Daily
I Was Strangled By My Ex Boyfriend, And It Was A Huge Wakeup Call

Whenever I used to hear the words domestic violence, I automatically thought of what the media portrays to us on TV and in movies. I pictured scary men beating the living shit out of their sweet and timid wives or girlfriends. It's something that unfortunately happens every day, not only to women, but to men too.

Elite Daily
Here's Why It's Impossible To Ever Be 'Just Friends' With An Ex

There's a famous saying that goes, "If two past lovers can remain friends, they are either still in love, or never were." And I've never agreed with something more in my life. I've had my fair share of relationships over the years: silly, meaningless ones, and pretty intense, serious ones in which I thought I'd found the person to spend the rest of my life with.

Elite Daily
Here's Everything Rom-Coms Get Wrong About Dating In Real Life

"It was like something out of a movie," my friend once happily shrieked to me about her first Tinder date with a potential new love interest. I had to stop myself from laughing in her face. Firstly, which movie is about a couple who meets on Tinder?

Elite Daily
My Friend Thought We Were More Than 'Just Friends' And It Destroyed Us

I first met Jay in unusual circumstances. He'd once accidentally messaged me on Facebook thinking I was someone else. From there, we became quite good friends. The first time we met, we went for coffee. It turned out we both loved coffee and I was over the moon at finding someone who was addicted as I was.

Elite Daily
This Is Why I'll Always Regret Waiting To Have Sex With My SO

Once upon a time, I found myself dating a guy. I had never liked a man so much and so soon in, well, my entire life. There was just something about him that made me feel 100 percent myself. No silence was awkward, and no joke was misunderstood.

Elite Daily
I'm Afraid Of Having Oral Sex, And I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over It

It's usually by the third glass of wine that I bring up the topic of oral to my friends during our drunken chats. I like to hear their opinions, and being close friends with a lesbian couple, I get extra information on topics like this. "I don't understand what your problem is," they laugh.

Elite Daily
My Ex Made Me Sign A Relationship Contract, And I'd Never Do It Again

Now now, I can already see your horrified expression as you eagerly and curiously await to find out more. "He did what?" you may be exclaiming at the screen, and yes, you read it right. My ex made me sign a relationship contract with an actual real-life witness.

Elite Daily
My First Ever Tinder Date Ended In Murder

I first downloaded Tinder on a lonesome panic about two years ago. I was stuffing my face with anything I could find and lounging in my pajamas, spread out on the sofa and watching "Gone with the Wind."

Elite Daily
'The One That Got Away' Came Back, And It Wasn't The Fairytale I Imagined

There's nothing worse than losing someone you love. But what if they came back? Why does society not prepare us for the magnificent return of our unrequited love? Is it because it's impossible? No, it's because it shouldn't happen. People get away for a reason and it's best left at that.


Thought Catalog
When You Find The Right Person, Titles Won't Matter

Earlier this year I found myself excitedly diving head first back into the dating pool. Thanks to technology and social media the dating game is a tricky one, it's hard enough being in a relationship these days but apparently there are now different ways to be single. Who would have known?

Thought Catalog
I Know This Might Be Shocking, But I Hate It When Guys Go Down On Me

It's usually by the third glass of wine that I bring up the topic of oral to my friends during our drunken chats. I like to hear their opinions and being close friends with a lesbian couple I get extra information on topics like this. "I don't understand what your problem is."


My Uni Basics - Bringing My Boyfriend Home Made Me Hate Him

I'd been dating my then boyfriend for only a few months. Things were great, he was great and there wasn't a problem. We'd discussed him coming home with me to visit my family over Christmas as we didn't want to be apart for too long and really, what better time to meet the folks than over a glass of mulled wine while it snowed outside?

The Urban Twist

The Urban Twist
I Fancied a Girl, Does That Make Me Bi?

It was like any other Friday night. I was drunk, okay I was smashed. I was at my favorite club with my friends and I was having the time of my life. Enter the cute boy in a leather jacket and the night was already off to a great start.

The Urban Twist
Love Lessons I learnt From My Mother | The Urban Twist

My parents separated after a turbulent marriage when I was just 15. To say divorce was the best thing for them is an understatement. While my Father flung himself headfirst into a rebound fling that later resulted in another marriage. My Mother took a higher approach.

The Urban Twist
Never Be Made to Feel Like an Inconvenience | The Urban Twist

The minute I knew my relationship was going south was the minute my boyfriend made me feel like I was an Inconvenience. He was at his work leaving party and I was back home, visiting family. We'd barely spoken all day, barely spoken all week actually.

The Urban Twist
I Met Up With A Sugar Daddy And It Was Creepy

I'd never considered entering the world of Sugar Daddy's. I had a brief, uneducated idea of what I thought it meant and what it would require and never gave it much thought beyond that. That was until I recently received an odd message on Instagram.


the Urban Dater
My Ex Made Me Sign A Relationship Contract - the Urban Dater

Now now, I can already see your horrified expression as you eagerly and curiously await to find out more. "He did what?" You may be exclaiming at the screen, and yes you read it right. My ex made me sign a relationship contract. With an actual real-life witness.

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