Betsy Hnath

Communications Professional

Location icon United States

Betsy Hnath is a writer and public relations specialist from Norfolk, Virginia.

Old Dominion University
Barry Art Museum Digital Media Kit

Media Kit including invitation, supplemental material and press releases for Barry Art Museum opening festivities.

The New York Times
After Cancer's Calm, a Daughter's Emotional Storm

I'm the only mother I know who is happy to see her daughter cry. Not because she deserves to, but because after everything she has faced, her tears are our first glimpse of emotions that have been missing for a very long time. I was told I had cancer three and a half years ago.

Bets and Pieces - Personal Blog
Bets and Pieces

Sometimes I get assignments that make me dig deeper than others; force me to face certain truths or realities in my life that perhaps I didn't see before.

I Don't Want To Be A Mom Today

I don't want to be a mom today. My heart and door have been open to all three of my babies since they emerged. Always tending, listening, watching. In sickness and in health. They need me. And I need their need. It gives me purpose, validation.

The Cancer Community

Norfolk, Virginia is a medium-sized city with a small-town feel. Big enough that if you hit up a Starbucks in another neighborhood, you might be able to read the paper uninterrupted. Small enough that if you have troubles, someone always knows a resource that can help.