Benjamin Khoshbin

Senior Account Executive, ROKK Solutions, and Young Voices Contributor

United States

I am a Senior Account Executive at ROKK Solutions, a bipartisan public affairs firm in Washington, D.C. I manage public affairs and policy communications for an electric and gas utility serving more than 9 million customers, and an international airline with over 4,000 flights per day. I create persuasive messaging and public affairs campaigns on critical issues such as nuclear energy, sustainability in aviation, electricity market structures, and net zero commitments.

I am passionate about energy and climate issues, and am currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Resource Policy at The George Washington University part-time to better develop my understanding of the science behind climate change and energy technologies. I have also written over a dozen op-eds energy, environmental, and foreign policy for National Review, The National Interest, RealClearEnergy, and more.

C3 Solutions
Increasing the Birth Rate is Critical to Combatting Climate Change

In addition to passing policies that make it easier to have and raise children, political leaders should convey the relationship between a declining birth rate and our ability to combat climate change. Young Americans may not want to have children for personal reasons, but if their decision to go childless is driven by fears of climate change, society and our leaders should urge them to strongly reconsider.

C3 Solutions
Fossil Fuels Can Coexist With Climate Goals

Renewables, batteries, and nuclear power will play an increasingly important role in the world’s energy mix, and there are ways policymakers can increase clean energy capacity by reforming the permitting process and unleashing the private sector to invest in domestic supply chains for uranium and critical minerals. But assuming fossil fuels will disappear without significant cost to human welfare is devoid of reality.

Daily Caller
If Biden Doesn't Help This US Ally, China Will

A rising China threatens to disrupt the U.S.-led Western world order. Through the strategic investments of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China's debt-trap diplomacy and technological exports have positioned them as a far-fiercer rival to the West than the Soviet Union.

International Policy Digest
How the U.S. Can Use Nuclear Energy Exports to Deter China and Russia

Last week, and the United States agreed to construct next-generation nuclear reactors . This announcement follows Japan's decision last December to reverse course on nuclear energy, choosing to the lives of its existing nuclear reactors and build new ones as well. While this certainly strengthens the U.S.-Japan alliance, our nuclear exports are still outmatched by China and Russia.

C3 Solutions
Nuclear and Hydrogen: A Clean Energy Love Story

In light of the upcoming completion of the nation's first nuclear-generated hydrogen production facility, it's time to take a serious look at the clean energy potential of nuclear and hydrogen. By 2025, the Nine Mile Point Generating Station - the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the U.S.