Bella Frimpong

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

Freelance writer with a background and interests in politics. I mostly write about identity and social issues.

A significant part of my early work focused on Brexit and its impacts on young people and ethnic minority communities. I have subsequently expanded (but not limited) my focus to center the Black European experience and Black womanhood.

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Dark Skin Black Women Deserve Better: Misogynoir Isn't An Opportunity To Score Points

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Black Ballad
Black Europe Exists And It's Important We Unite

There is something about Twitter that just seems to fuel diaspora wars for no apparent reason. A few weeks ago, I witnessed an interaction which I can thankfully only describe as nothing short of amusing: Black UK Twitter vs Black French Twitter - or as it became known, 'Top Boy Twitter' vs 'Oui Oui/Baguette Twitter'.

Black Ballad
The Black European Identity: Reflections On Brexit And Black Europeans

The plight of black Europeans in the UK must be fought for with vim and zeal even if they are a small minority amongst a majority we cannot identify with Brexit has been a subject of contention in the UK for the last three years; we've all heard about it and are ready to move on from it.

UK in a changing Europe
Vote for your future on Thursday - UK in a changing Europe

Voting is the first step an individual can take in getting their voice heard by those in charge. Representation matters, democracy matters, no matter how you vote. Whether we leave next month, later this year or not at all, it is important that our views are heard.