Becky Kells

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I am a freelance writer and student currently living in Central London. I am founder and Co chief editor of The Broad UK, a national online student newspaper, and sub edit the RUMS Review and SAVAGE magazine. I am looking to gain further experience in the writing and editing fields.

UCL's Arts and Culture Journal
Killer Whales Or Killer Corporations? - UCL's Arts and Culture Journal

BECKY KELLS lays bare the unethical practices behind SeaWorld's 'amusements'. Ten years ago, SeaWorld had a squeaky-clean reputation as a successful amusement park chain. It appeared that the American group had expertly juxtaposed thrill rides, smaller mammals, and regular concerts with its unique selling point - a sprawl of killer whales, or orcas, to be showcased in stadium performances.

UCL's Arts and Culture Journal
A fairytale for the modern woman - UCL's Arts and Culture Journal

BECKY KELLS reviews 'Mirrors' at Camden People's Theatre. It takes a strong actress to deliver a one-woman show, and Siobhan McMillan nails it. Walking into the Camden People's Theatre, dimly lit and decked out with a messy dressing table, feels a bit like trespassing into an intimate space - especially given that McMillan is already on stage, sat at the mirror, absorbed in the ritual of getting ready.

Sustainable Careers for School Leavers | AllAboutSchoolLeavers

While it is of course possible to go into a sustainable consultancy firm, fashion house, or ecotourism venture, there are also a lot of big names in the job world who include sustainability in their main values, and function with the planet's future in mind.

How can I work abroad? | AllAboutSchoolLeavers

Feel like you've spent enough time in classrooms? More and more intrepid adventurers are now equipped with ski and snowboard instructor qualifications - many of which offer 'earn as you learn' schemes. The seasonal nature of ski and snowboarding resorts makes it an ideal short-term option if you're on a gap year or looking to try an array of career paths before you settle into the long term.