Kelsey Park

Content Creator/Freelance Writer


Hi there! I’m Kelsey, a native English writer, artist, mother and lover of everything wonderful in life.
I have been writing professionally for about five years now. I pride myself on delivering high quality, informative work to my clients in a timely manner.

I love to write about mental health, art, parenthood, world events and so much more!

Smashing the Glass

I often feel like people don't realize you're depressed unless there are obvious signs that you're crying out for help... like if you aren't partaking in self harm, substance abuse, isolating yourself... etc, that everything in your life must be completely fine and you've totally got your shit together.

I Am Suicidal

I am suicidal. But I'll be okay, because I have to be. A lot of people who know me really well don't even know this about me. This is because-well, for years now-I've been putting on a happy face, pretending everything's alright.

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Borderline

I have borderline personality disorder, and according to my shrink, it's a pretty extreme case of it. I know, I know, I'm basically fucked, right? Who is going to want to hire, marry, or otherwise socialize with a nutjob? That is what I used to think when I was first diagnosed at the age of 11.

A Love Like No Other: Part 2

To me it feels like a lot has happened since I wrote the first part to this little series of articles; And in truth, a lot has happened... If you were an outsider looking in on my family, you wouldn't think much has changed except for a new addition to the family.

A Love Like No Other: Part One

After days, weeks, or even months of pain and uncertainty, the moment is finally here! You are about to meet your firstborn child for the very first time. So many thoughts and questions cross your mind... What will he or she look like? Will they be healthy?