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Bill Cooney graduated from The University of Iowa in the Spring of 2016, after working as Metro Editor for the Daily Iowan since Summer of 2015. The Daily Iowan is one of the largest independent student run newspapers in the country with a circulation of about 20,000. He now writes about gaming and esports for a variety of online outlets.


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BlizzPro's Overwatch
Kellex talks about how the Uprising came together in Stage 2 and looks ahead to Stage 3

The Boston Uprising ended Stage 2 of the Overwatch League in 6th place with a 6-4 record and a 4 game winning streak. I got the chance to talk to Boston Support player Kristian "Kellex" Keller earlier in the week about how the Uprising did in Stage 2, the team's goals going into Stage, who he's looking to take down in the upcoming weeks and more.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Fragi talks about the final week of Stage 2, changing tank play and more

The Philadelphia Fusion sit in fifth place in the Overwatch League going into the final week of Stage 2. I got the chance to talk to Fragi, the Fusion's main tank, on Monday about how the team hopes to finish out Stage 2, his views on the ever-changing meta and more.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Brigitte unveiled as Overwatch's newest hero

"I am Brigitte Lindholm, and I will be their shield." Brigitte has officially been announced as Overwatch's Hero number 27. After days of clues, fans finally got all the juicy details on the new support hero.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Blizzard announces new ability to swap skins in-game

by RedRhino - 2 weeks ago Blizzard made the out-of-nowhere announcement on Wednesday that players will be able to change hero skins at the beginning of matches, instead of only in the Hero Gallery. Fashion-forward heroes, rejoice! 👏 👏 Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to change skins at the start of a match.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Overwatch League Stage One: Playoff Recap

They say time flies when you're having fun, and the first five weeks of the Overwatch League seem to have gone by in a flash. On Saturday, the London Spitfire were crowned Stage One Champions and found themselves $100,000 richer after a marathon day of Overwatch.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Overwatch League Stage One: Day Ten Recap

On the tenth day, there were upsets. Oh, were there upsets. Two teams - New York and London - would enter the day undefeated. Neither would leave without a loss. Boston and Philadelphia threw the analysts' predictions out the window and made their own path to victory.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Twitch announces OWL deal as league skins become available

Popular video game streaming service Twitch and the Overwatch League have waited until the last possible moment to unveil their partnership. With league play starting Jan. 10, the two organizations announced their partnership on Jan. 9, just one day before.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
No preseason? No problem for LA's Agilities

The L.A. Valiant's resident Genji enthusiast, Brady "Agilities" Girardi, isn't letting an absence from preseason slow him down. Agilities, who turned 18 just after Christmas, said he was feeling confident headed into the opening week of the Overwatch League's Inaugural season. "Missing preseason's only affected my training a little bit," he said.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Overwatch developers release first update of 2018

by whoistheraccoon - 21 minutes ago On Tuesday, Jan. 2 Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan used a Developer Update to tell fans about some of things they can expect to see coming to Overwatch in 2018. Kaplan said his favorite part of 2017 was all of the new game modes added to the game during the year.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Overwatch League: Path to Pro and xQc

by whoistheraccoon - 2 weeks ago There's still three weeks to go until opening matches for Overwatch League start Jan. 10. That doesn't mean there's nothing going on though, quite the opposite. Blizzard has shed more light on the so-called "Path to Pro", which Overwatch League franchises have announced their academy teams and how they'll compete in the upcoming Contenders season.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
A look at 2017's Winter Wonderland skins

by whoistheraccoon - 3 weeks ago Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event started on Dec. 12 and gave fans a ton of other sprays, emotes, victory poses and 7 new frosty skins available only while the snow is on the ground. If your drops have been cold or you just can't decide which skin to spend your hard earned coinage on; don't worry.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Overwatch League Preseason day two recap and analysis

by RedRhino - 2 months ago On the second day, there were surprises. The second day of Overwatch League's preseason was full of the unexpected. The Los Angeles Gladiators came out on top in what ended up being a slugfest with the London Spitfire.

BlizzPro's Overwatch
Blizzard Drops Overwatch League Gear, Announces In-Game Skins

by whoistheraccoon - 4 weeks ago Preseason matches for the Overwatch League start this week and Blizzard announced earlier today that official league merchandise will be available on the Blizzard Gear Store beginning Dec 6th at 10 a.m. PST, the same day the initial preseason matches take place.

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Day 2 rundown - Kitsuga

The second day of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup tournament at BlizzCon blessed fans with extra matches pushed back from the night before. The semi-finals, supposed to happen Friday, saw two teams from the northernmost latitudes facing off: Canada and...

BlizzCon Day One & Overwatch World Cup 2017 - Kitsuga

Blizzard came storming out of the gate on the first day of BlizzCon 2017, with announcements and reveals on what seemed like just about everything, including a new Hearthstone expansion, a new support hero and map coming to Overwatch and much, much more.

Party Hard Tycoon: Partying is Hard - Kitsuga

This is a Guest post by Bill Cooney @Whoistheraccoon on twitter By now the "Tycoon" genre of games has gone through almost every conceivable incarnation. There's been Pizza Tycoon, Video Game Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, Mall Tycoon and of course that...

Total War: Warhammer 2 review - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by Bill Cooney who you can find @Whoisthecoon7 on Twitter Last week Creative Assembly released what is arguably the most ambitious title in the Total War franchise to date, Total War: Warhammer 2. This game...

Destiny 2: DLC Boogaloo - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by Bill Cooney who you can find on twitter @whoisthecoon7 Let me preface this piece by admitting I did not play the original Destiny, but many of my friends did. So when Destiny 2 came...

A New Age is Upon Us - Kitsuga

This is a Guest post by Bill Cooney (@WhoistheCoon7) On Monday, Microsoft teased fans with a minute and a half trailer for the next installment in one of the most successful real time strategy series of all time. Unfortunately, this...

Overwatch Update: new season, new rules - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by Bill Cooney @WhoistheCoon7 It's that time again, time for season five of Overwatch to come to an end and to start getting ready for season 6. It's not just players getting ready for the new...

StarCraft: Remastered defines a classic - Kitsuga

This is a Guest post by: Cooney @whoisthecoon7 The latest release from Blizzard isn't just a new coat of paint on an older game, it's a complete reconfiguration that takes fans back to the halcyon days of the late 90s....

Finally: News on Blizzard's Overwatch League emerges - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by Bill Cooney @WHoisthecoon7 There has been an underlying feeling of uncertainty surrounding the professional Overwatch community this summer. With most of the professional players choosing to stream instead of compete, and a lack of communication...

LawBreakers beta: low-gravity combat anyone? - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by: Bill Cooney or @Whoisthecoon7 on twitter. It's pretty interesting to follow the path Lawbreakers has taken since it was announced. Initially, Boss Key Production's new hero shooter was going to be free to play, until March...

Bendy and the Ink Machine: nightmare fuel - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by: Bill Cooney or @Whoisthecoon7 on twitter. Bendy and the Ink machine does not look menacing on the surface. How scary can a game with old school "Steamboat Willy" style animation be? Well it's about an 11/10...

Review: Nighthaw-X3000: maimi meets toho - Kitsuga

This is a guest post by: Bill Cooney who you can find @Whoisthecoon7 on twitter. From the get go, Nighthaw-X3000 throws you into a neon filled world reminiscent of a 1980s Tab cola induced fever dream. This arcade shoot 'em up will...

CAYNE Review - Kitsuga

This is a review by guest writer Bill C who you can find on Twitter @Whoisthecoon7 From the makers of STASIS comes the new isometric horror game CAYNE. While the story is not related to developer Brotherhood Games popular 2015 release, as far as this writer can tell, the free to play CAYNE is still a great old-school style adventure.

Stars in Shadow - Kitsuga

Stars in Shadow This is a guest post by: Bill Cooney or @Whoisthecoon7 on twitter For those strategy minded among us looking for something new to enjoy the search may very well be over, for now. Stars in Shadow comes out Jan....

Shadows of Kurgansk Review - Kitsuga

Article By guest writer Bill Cooney. Zombie terror meets survival in the first Steam release from Yadon Studio. There are so many zombie games out now, they all kind of start to blend together, but Shadows of Kurgansk manages to...


Online Articles

The Kalona News
Pumpkinfest - a family affair down at Sass Family Farm

It was a cold and sometimes rainy weekend, but that didn't stop crowds of families from heading out to the Sass Family Farm in Riverside to get a pumpkin, take a hayrack ride and get into that Halloween spirit. Maury Sass, who owns Sass Farms, said he's been selling pumpkins and running the farm with his family for almost two decades.

The Kalona News
Picture perfect festival

KALONA It couldn't have been a better weekend at the annual Kalona Fall Festival. Crowds packed into and around the Kalona Historical Village to see old world demonstrations, listen to some music, shop and of course, eat as much food as possible.

Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa City West trounces Southeast Polk

Iowa City West got its season off to a good start with a convincing 42-17 win over Southeast Polk on Friday. The Trojans came out of the gate with 21 unanswered points in the first half before the Rams were able to respond by putting a field goal through with just 2 seconds left in the first half.

A long life: John Huerter has seen much in his 100 years

Statistically, living to be 100 years old is an achievement many people will not accomplish, but John Huerter, a longtime resident of Anamosa, joins this exclusive club on Feb. 11. Born in 1917 in Kelly, Kan., Huerter moved within the state to Corning in 1929, then to Horton in 1937, where he rented a dairy farm.

Young Greeks feel economic crunch - The Daily Iowan

Many young people are leaving Greece to escape the economic instability gripping their country. University of Iowa graduate student Tasos Papachristoudis said many of the college-age people he knows still in Greece are out of work as a result of the crisis.

Lecturer discusses future of food - The Daily Iowan

"[Iowa] is fertile and beautiful, but there is a need for a major transition away from the corn and soy that dominate the landscape here," Shiva said. "You don't buy water from Europe or Argentina and have it shipped here. We make ourselves watersheds to provide us that water.

The Daily Iowan
Kozak guilty of murder in Coral Ridge shooting

By Tom Ackerman and Bill Cooney [email protected] | [email protected] A jury on Monday in Nevada, Iowa, found Alexander Kozak guilty of first-degree murder in the June 2015 Coral Ridge Mall shooting. Kozak, 23, killed Andrea Farrington by shooting her three times in the back while she was working at the Children's Museum information booth.

The Daily Iowan
Fossils find new home

[email protected] Some of the oldest residents on campus have a new home. Earlier this year, more than 22,000 specimens from the University of Iowa's fossil plant collection were moved from their previous residence in Halsey Hall to a new, safer location, said Tiffany Adrain, collections management specialist for the UI Paleontology Repository.

Daily Iowan Ethics & Politics Initiative
Medical marijuana bill introduced in Iowa

A cutting-edge study at the University of Iowa is paralleling legislation that would advance the accessibility of medical cannabis in the state. Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, introduced a bill on Monday that would expand the array of diseases that qualify for medical cannabis and expand the types of medical cannabis doctors would be able to prescribe.

The Daily Iowan
Study pills juice the cramming

Editor's note: This story is a part of today's special issue focused solely on drugs.] Cramming and pulling an all-nighter before an exam are just a few of the traditional strategies students use to try to gain a last-minute edge. However, in recent years an illegal, potentially dangerous one has been gaining traction nationwide.

The Daily Iowan
Gun-permit numbers rise in Johnson County

An increase in the number of firearm permits in Johnson County doesn't necessarily mean more guns. By Bill Cooney | [email protected] There were 266 more firearm permits issued in 2015 than in 2014 in Johnson County, but whether this means more guns were sold, no one knows.

The Daily Iowan
Witnesses detail mall shooting in Kozak trial

The first day of the Coral Ridge Mall homicide trial is an emotional one for witnesses. By Bill Cooney | [email protected] The first day in the trial of the accused killer of Andrea Farrington was an emotional one for those who knew the 20-year-old. Opening arguments began at around 11 a.m., just after jury selection ended.

The Daily Iowan
Kozak's attorney files motion for new trial

[email protected] The attorney for the man who shot and killed Andrea Farrington filed a motion for a new trial on May 6, claiming misconduct on the side of the prosecution during the original trial. Alfredo Parrish submitted a motion for a new trial for his client, Alexander Kozak, fewer than two weeks after Kozak was found guilty of first-degree murder.

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