Journalist, freelance writer


I have been writing professionally since 2013. During this time, I have made enough mistakes to learn what is truly needed to create a content tailored to my clients' needs. I learned my lessons in various environments - at first when I started my freelancing career, and later when working full time for an audio-video products distributor in Poland. There I have also translated and created a lot of technical content (manuals, brochures, etc.). My work helped to grow the sales 10% in 2014/2015 and develop a new product line.

That is why I know how important a successful communication is. Building on my experiences, I developed a cooperation strategy that allows me to quickly define key content goals that will help my client get what is needed.



Omni3D Shows Open-Source Potential of 3D Printing

With 3D printing taking off in Poland, we thought we'd introduce another company making a splash on the hardware market. Omni3D is a company based in Poznań that specializes in producing 3D printers and materials that are needed for printing. They also have their own scanners.

A New Way to Cloud: Interview with Dariusz Nawojczyk of Oktawave

Oktawave is a Polish company that describes itself as an "innovative platform of infrastructure on demand"; or in other words, a platform based on cloud computing and storage. And they are innovative indeed - maybe even revolutionary. Independent CloudHarmony tests prove the Polish cloud service to be even better than Amazon Web Services and Microsoft [...]