Ava Raza

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took journalism to further my knoweldge in photoshop and indesign so I can join yearbook next year. I have learned about many different ways of writing journalistic statements and editing photos. I can use the information I have acquired if I join yearbook staff in following years. I really enjoyed this class all together because of the fun projects we did but my favorite projects were pathfinder and decorating news stories. Law and Ethics was my least favorite assignment but we still had lost of fun while doing the assignment in class.


Journalism Basics

Journalism Basics
AP Style Quizzes & Newsworthiness

AP- While doing these assignments, I learned many grammatical rules that helped me when writing journalistic stories. Taking these quizzes helped me write my journalistic stories. Newsworthiness- This assignment helped me learn what news is news worthy and what is not. It also showed me what you could change about titles to make them newsworthy.

Journalism Basics
Law & Ethics, Shattered Glass, First Amendment follow-up & Quiz

Law & Ethics- This was a extremely time consuming assignment and made me want to cry, but I learned a lot about different laws I didn't know existed and plagiarism. Shattered Glass- Watching this movie helped me realize how important journalism integrity is. By making up just one quote, you could ruin your entire career just like Stephen did. First amendment follow up and quiz- This helped me reflect on the discussion we had as a class. Answering the questions helped me have my own...


News Story and Design

This is my news story, this is the first story we wrote this semester where we had to get our own quotes by making up questions. Having to make questions when you don't know what you're going to write is difficult but, I figured it out and I like how this story turned out. The design was easy and simple because we didn't put any pictured but i think it's fun to have something to reflect on while you're reading so I would prefer to have to put pictures into it.

1 in 1600 Story and Design

Doing this assignment helped me practice writing a journalistic story. To get my quotes I interviewed a busy teenager about her schedule. I liked making the design, I got to add pictures and quotes and space them out how i wanted them.

Hacker Story, Leads, Using Quotes, and Headlines

Hacker Story- This assignments helped me learn how to embed quotes because it's one of the first stories we did. We read fake emails from administration and the hacker, and then we created an informative story about the situation. Leads- This assignment taught me how to create leads for my writing. We looked at stories and made a lead based around the who of the story. Using quotes- This assignment taught me how to embed quotes into stories. We also learned how to attribute quotes by doing...


Pancake Perfection

This was a fun assignment to make even though I was really confused for most of it. Part of the text is off the page because I messed up the sizing, I'm really just not sure what I did wrong. But I like making designs more than writing stories so this was one of my favorites.


To make this I made a google forms poll on what peoples favorite holiday is. I took that information and used InDesign to make a fun pie chart and figures related to my information. I really liked making this because even though it was a lot of trial and error, I have a lot of fun making the shapes.

Pathfinder, Typography, Dissecting Design and Typography

Pathfinder- This assignment was hard because I was just starting in InDesign. As I kept making different shapes, I got way better and enjoyed this project. Typography- This project was a lot of fun, we got to come up with many different ways to write different words. We used different fonts and symbols to creatively write words. Dissecting Design- For this assignment we found many different ways of writing titles/leads in blue valleys newspaper and decided weather they had good color, good...


Photoshop Edits

This assignment helped me learn how to edit in Photoshop. With out this I would never learn hot to edit my photos with anything more than Lightroom.