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Ashley Remstad

Freelance Content Strategist

Location icon United States of America

Full-time freelance writer, marketer and explorer, currently stationed in Denver, Colorado.

The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Freelancers

It's no secret that us freelancers are productivity junkies, always looking for clever ways to make the best use of our time. Personally, I happily welcome any tips and tricks that help me churn out the words. But did you realize that the key to being more efficient might be located right in your browser?

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The Advantages to Using WordPress | Trademark Productions

Much more than a blogging platform, WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that provides its end users with an array of possibilities. From mailing list management to client portals, social features, and an impressive plugin architecture with over 37,000 plugins available, WordPress is without a doubt one of the most powerful CMS platforms around.

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Our Fixation with Marketing to Millennials | Trademark Productions

Is it just me or is the millennial dialog getting a little old to you too? We've all heard the conversations; I bet some of you have even clicked on those sensationalized headlines, "Top 10 Cities Millennials Want to Live," "How to Market to Millennials," "The Mindset of Millennials" or even, "Inside the Mind of a Millennial"- that one is my favorite.

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WordPress Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Trademark Productions

WordPress, in all of its glory, is an open-source blogging and content management system (CMS) with infinite possibilities. That's right, infinite. From themes, to client portals, and an impressive plugin architecture with over 37,000 plugins available, WordPress is without a doubt, one of the most powerful CMS platforms around.

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Google Analytics Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Of all the platforms available that provide insight to online marketers, Google Analytics is by far the most useful- and the most popular. With some in-depth knowledge on its capabilities, you are able to leverage its comprehensive features and powerful website metrics to seriously optimize and improve your online marketing efforts.

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Google Shopping 101 | Trademark Productions

Google rolled out Shopping campaigns in February, 2014. These campaigns were introduced slowly, but eventually replaced Product Listing Ads all together. They make creating PLAs more intuitive and transparent and also streamlined the product information process. However, for those online marketers who are used to search campaigns with keyword-level bidding, Google Shopping can be a bit daunting.

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How to Optimize Your Mobile Presence

A recent study predicted that by 2017 there will be 2 billion smartphone and/or tablet users engaging in some form of mobile commerce. Knowing something like this, you'd think brands would start to move towards a more strategic mobile strategy- or at least a mobile friendly website!

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Marketing to a Mobile Consumer | Trademark Productions

Mobile devices are changing much more than the way we communicate with each other. Smartphones have begun to impact the way we behave, something especially true for consumers. Our smartphones act as a researching tool, where we compare and purchase products, not just online but also once we get into the store.

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Web Design, Color Psychology & Buyer Emotion

Colors actually affect our daily lives more than the average person may realize. It's been proven that every color has its own unique effect on individuals and can even stimulate specific responses. From increasing your appetite to enhancing creativity, memory and motivation, colors play a pivotal role in many of our daily actions.

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Why Building Websites for Mobile is Important

It's no secret, people are completely glued to their phones and if your site is not giving the masses a good experience, you're truly missing out. Studies estimate that nearly 60% of web traffic is being viewed on smart phones and tablets.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business in 5 Steps

Pinterest entered the World Wide Web with a bang and has continued to blow our minds ever since. In just four short years after its launch, Pinterest passed up Twitter in popularity- an amazing feat for such a young social platform.

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Advice from the Biggest Names in Tech | Trademark Productions

Setting yourself apart in what is the competitive and hurried market place of today can be a difficult and daunting task, one that often ends in defeat. Yet, it doesn't have to. What distinguishes the successful brands from their counterpart is their ability to push the boundaries, innovate and essentially blaze a path for their followers.

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Six Steps to Promoting Your Business Online | Trademark Productions

It's safe to say that owning and promoting a business in this day and age is far different than it was twenty or thirty years ago. Sure, some of the same basic marketing messages still hold, they're just buried underneath 21st century technology and communication.

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