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My name is Ashley Delmar and I have been a professional writer for over a decade. My career as a writer began in copywriting, B2B writing, and SEO which eventually led to working with several of the industry's largest SEO agencies including Ampifire and Coalition Technologies.

More recently, I have gained experience as a content writer with an interest in the entertainment, travel, and lifestyle niches. My work can be seen on several popular websites including Mashed, The Daily Meal, TheTalko, and TheThings.

In addition to writing, I have academic experience in the veterinary sciences industry and am interested in pursuing work within the fields of science communication and academic editing.

I look foward to working with you on your upcoming projects.

World Conference on Sustainable Life Sciences 2023 Conference Proceeding Book
Staphylococcus pettenkoferi: An Emerging Resistant Bacteria in Veterinary Medicine?

Staphylococcus pettenkoferi is a coagulase-negative bacteria that has been linked to several drug resistant bacterial infections in humans and animals in recent years. S. pettenkoferi’s drug resistant nature has led to increasing interest in the pathogen within the medical and veterinary communities. Given these findings, it was hypothesized that S. pettenkoferi is a potential animal and zoonotic pathogen that can contribute to multi-resistant infections with the ability to form...

International Veterinary Students Association Veterinary Public Health Journal
Examining COVID-19’s Long-Reaching Effects on the Veterinary Industry: A One Health and Economic...

Rising numbers of COVID-19 cases have led to the closure of many non-essential businesses in countries around the globe, resulting in dramatic losses in income for many people. With global poverty levels increasing for the first time since 1998 according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be expected to be felt long after an effective contingency plan is found (UNCTAD, 2020). Within the veterinary industry, operational...

How to Obtain the Aeroplan Elite Status Faster in 2022

For frequent flyers and those looking to travel the skies in comfort, Air Canada’s Aeroplan Elite Status plan offers a passport to vacation savings. Air Canada has made it easier than ever to qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status with the airline’s string of 2022 travel benefits. Valid until September 30th, 2022, Aeroplan members can receive a 100% bonus on points earned on economy flights to Europe among other ways to maximize Aeroplan status. Air Canada’s new bonus structure makes it even...

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Ashley Delmar - Mashed

After looking for a way to earn extra income in college, Ashley began her career as a professional writer a decade ago. Throughout this time, her writing has appeared in many online publications including TheTalko, TheThings, and 22 Words.