Arthur George Blake

Screen&Creative Writer/ Editor/ Virtual Assistant

South Africa

My Name is Arthur,

I am a passionate writer and storyteller and every aspect of my work is an attempt or approach to enhancing storytelling in whatever shape or form.

I have a BA in screenwriting from the Open Window Institute.

I have also been working as a virtual assistant for 5 years.

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If one didn't know better, the argument could be easily made that February 2021 flagged the key return of silver as a viable investment, the "other" precious metal was finally committing to a bull run, and it was time to jump in.

Silver Stocks Vs Silver Bullion: What Should You Invest In?

As 2021 kicks off it's clear that this is one of the most and crucial and volatile financial years. One of the most significant events to take place that has had quite an effect on the stock market was Wallstreet bets vs Wallstreet.

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There are several companies who sell aluminum at a price that is affordable: Rio Tinto is a manufacturer located in Canada with a climate change that is low at the core of their operations. Seven hydropower facilities provide their total electricity. They're also a worldwide market leader for aluminum, through bauxite mining and alumina ...

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Dr Amy Barko explains that the hammertoe surgery in this video is easier than traditional hammertoe surgery. This procedure is also said to be safe to perform on any patient, diabetics included. The doctor uses a cold spray and a numbing injection to perform the surgery.

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For rockhounds all around California, there's nothing more exciting than knowing that your next dig is near your hometown or close to it at least! This article covers Plumas County, California. The information provided in this article by is for informational purposes and is subject to change. Laws are updated.

Arthur Blake
‎07 ‎November ‎2019
You Season 1 Spec Episode 7.5: Beck Away

I had to write a spec script for an existing series in my final year of college at Open Window, so I wrote this episode. YOU being a series based off a book, was unforgiving to write for because there are almost no gaps to fill in, but I managed to get an episode.

My Own Work A.G. Blake
The Tree

A short story about the innocence of a child and the loss of life.