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Writing credits include: Windy City Times, Frameline Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Midwest Film Journal

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FANNY: The Right to Rock

With their long, wild hair now streaked with gray, if not outright white, the women of Fanny still know how to rock. The band-comprised at various times of musically self-taught sisters June and Jean Millington, Brie Howard Darling, Nickey Barclay, Alice de Buhr, and Patti Quatro-kicked down the door...

Windy City Times insert in Chicago Reader
Forty years later, still a call for accurate HIV-positive representation

Forty years after the first reported cases of HIV, and at a time when nearly six in 10 Americans wrongfully think that “it is important to be careful around people living with HIV to avoid catching it,” with 89% agreeing that there is still a stigma around HIV (GLAAD and Gilead’s State of HIV Stigma survey, 2020), the populace remains in dire need of both education about and positive representation of those living with HIV in television, film and media.

Shiva Baby

Played by breakout newcomer Rachel Sennott (Tahara), Danielle is a sexually-liberated, bisexual post-grad, trying to find her footing in life... one paying sugar daddy at a time. When she reluctantly finds herself at a shiva with her parents and her overachieving ex-girlfriend, Danielle gets caught in a series of hilariously awkward encounters that's made exponentially worse with the arrival of her current, paying beau.

Knives and Skin

From the director of Signature Move, with allusions to Heathers and Riverdale, this refreshingly strange and visually compelling coming-of-age drama takes what is expected in a high school movie-jocks and cheerleaders, popularity worries, and fears of dying a virgin-and adds a missing drum majorette, feminist rage, choral arrangements of '80s hits, and a lesbian love affair.

Windy City Times
Bianca Del Rio vs. the World

From Sydney to Singapore, Bianca Del Rio, the season six winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, has been spreading clown realness all over the globe with her It's Jester Joke tour. Now she's bringing her unmatched comedic timing and razor-sharp wit back to the United States.

Midwest Film Journal
Black Panther: “We Are Home.”

Black Panther pounced right down in the middle of Black History Month like a reprieve and a salve for my daily wounds of being a trifecta of marginalization in America: black, gay and a woman. I didn’t know how much I needed it.

Windy City Times
Madison Young: Making queer, kinky representation possible

Queer author, adult film star and podcaster Madison Young further secures her Queen of Kink title with the new sex-positive docuseries, Submission Possible. This informative exploration into kink culture kicks off its first episode in New Orleans, where Young introduces the viewer to sex magic, spectrophilia, herbalism and masturbation rituals.

When the Beat Drops

Famed choreographer Jamal Sims directs this bold, energetic documentary exploring "bucking," a dance subculture popular within the black LGBTQ community in the South, from its beginnings at historically black colleges and universities, through its evolution at underground clubs, and on to fierce competitions at large venues.

Windy City Times
Elections 2019, Mayoral Candidates: Amara Enyia on innovation and equity for Chicago

What I would want 40 years from now is for 2019 to be a watershed moment in the city where anything was possible, where we actually valued ideas over personalities, where we actually looked to solve problems not just to get elected, and where this culture of fear is destroyed, because fear keeps us in a state of mediocrity.-Dr. Amara Enyia

Narcissister Organ Player

From crotch-baring TMZ appearances with Marilyn Manson to an Absolutely Fabulous shout-out to museum exhibitions, performance artist Narcissister is quite the provocateur. But this fascinating documentary and performance art hybrid about her life reveals the multifaceted artist behind the spectacle.

Windy City Times
Jill Soloway reads from 'She Wants It' at local appearance

With a line of people wrapped around the block in increasingly chilly weather, it was easy to catch snippets of why fans were there to see the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning creator of Transparent, Jill Soloway. Saved my life and hero could be heard more than once.

Trustmark Voluntary Benefits
Help Kick Stress to the Curb

While stress can have an immediate and tangible impact on your body, if it goes on too long, it can also lead to long-term effects such as lack of sleep, headaches, high blood pressure, and a weakening of the immune system. For National Stress Awareness Month, here are some tips to help you alleviate the tension.

Windy City Times
An interview with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors

What I feel serious about, specifically around political direction, is a resurgence of a reparations campaign ... and one of the first agenda items I would have [is], I would really like for every Black person to have their own therapist as a part of the reparations package.

White Rabbit

In this refreshing dramatic comedy, a quirky Korean American performance artist bikes around LA yelling into her microphone about race-related issues while wearing a wig and a onesie, and falls for an earthy yet glamorous Ghanaian American photographer.

Signature Move

In wrestling, the right signature move can take years to develop. And thirty-something Zaynab Qadir-a closeted, Muslim lawyer who takes up lucha libre-style wrestling-quickly learns that she lacks the right technique and experience...on and off the mat.


More than two decades after Paris Is Burning introduced the world to the New York ballroom scene, it’s time to clear the dance floor for Kiki: this vibrant, eye-opening documentary fast-forwards us into today’s unapologetically flamboyant and political subculture of performance, now centered on LGBTQ youth of color, for whom dance is far more than performance.

Reeling Film Festival 35
Sensitivity Training

Dr. Serena Wolfe thinks feelings are overrated. As a gifted microbiologist whose only concern is for her bacteria samples, she has little time for small talk and, well...other people.

Windy City Times
Fantastic in any language: Talking with Marlow La Fantastique

A staple at the famous West Berlin cabaret Chez Nous, Marlow La Fantastique has taken the art of drag and her legendary fan dance all over the world. Born and raised in Bronzeville on Chicago's Near South Side, Marlow used to perform at the historic Regal theater nearby, was a regular in the ballroom scene and was also featured as the contestant Miss Chicago in the 1968 cult-film, The Queen.

Reeling Film Festival 35
Bad Girl

Amy, a "bad girl" with a penchant for vandalism who is fresh out of juvie and new in town, gets befriended by a sweet and helpful local named Chloe. Amy's parents are thrilled with what they hope will be a good influence on their daughter.

Windy City Times
Janet Mock paves way for LGBTQ storytellers

As a writer, advocate and in-demand public speaker, Janet Mock is a media powerhouse. She is the founder of #GirlsLikeUs, which celebrates trans womanhood, and was recently named a contributing editor for Allure magazine where she also started a biweekly column around the idea of beauty culture being inclusive and affirming.

Reeling Film Festival 35
Market Value

Fifteen years ago, a figure shrouded in darkness left a crying baby on the steps of a church. Now, a private investigator brings news that Audrey and her wife Carrie never thought they'd have to deal with: their adopted son's biological grandparents are determined to find their grandchild and raise him as their own.

Windy City Times
Film review: I Am Not Your Negro

To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time. -James Baldwin

Reeling Film Festival 35
Cat Skin

Young lesbian photographer Cat is a loner who prefers the company of her feline friend to her fellow students. Living her life through her camera lens, Cat focuses on a particular subject of interest: April, a lovely music student with a hotheaded boyfriend and a tumultuous home life.

The L Stop
Martha Wainwright Emerges

Surrounded by exposed brick and wine barrels in the bustling atmosphere of City Winery, there is a clear view of the stage from every table. In an equal parts male and female crowd, full of late 30s to mid 50s couples who are slightly randy and clearly enjoying the house made wine, singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright takes the stage with her guitar, a drummer and her husband on bass.

Mill Valley Film Festival 39
Paint It Black

Waking up from a hard-partying night in ‘80s LA’s punk scene, Josie (Alia Shawkat, Arrested Development) learns that her boy- friend Michael has committed suicide.

The Intervention

Featuring an all-star, female-driven comedic ensemble, writer-director-star Clea Duvall’s directorial debut is a heartfelt homage to The Big Chill (and delivers upon decades of dreams in reuniting cast members from the iconic But I’m A Cheerleader).

Windy City Times
'In Bed' with activist Anne-christine d'Adesky

It's hard to describe The Pox Lover: An Activist's Decade in New York and Paris, the newest book by award-winning journalist Anne-christine d'Adesky-one of the founders of the Lesbian Avengers, a direct-action group that created the Dyke March.

Mill Valley Film Festival 38

Nena (rivetingly rendered by luminous Abbey Hoes), is just another introverted, 16-year-old Goethe-quoting, Goth-styled punker living along the Dutch-German border.

Windy City Times
Center relaunches therapy group for LGBT violence survivors

The Anti-Violence Project ( AVP ) at the Center on Halsted empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, and supports survivors through counseling and advocacy. the Center states. Windy City Times spoke with Rachel L.

Windy City Times
Anti-gay group's Glenn Stanton talks bigotry, marriage

Glenn Stanton is an outspoken figure in the fight against marriage equality, from his work with right-wing organization Focus on the Family to his debates at colleges and churches around the country. Windy City Times sat down with Stanton to discuss his new book, Loving My ( LGBT ) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace & Truth.

Crazy Bitches

With its remote setting in the mountains, the Benton Estate is known for being the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway--as long as you don't mind the possibility that it's haunted by the souls of murdered teenage girls.

Windy City Times
Edge Alliance founder Flosi named in allegations of sexual misconduct

The Archdiocese of Chicago released documents in November outlining internal allegations of sexual abuse by former Chicago-area priest James Vincent Flosi, along with more than 30 others. Flosi is a founder of the EdgeAlliance AIDS agency in Chicago, Flosi, ordained in 1971 after attending St.

Anita's Last Cha-Cha

In the small town of Obando, Bulacan, in the Philippines--full of military wives and cackling gossips--everyone knows everyone else's business.

Windy City Times
Military chaplains go anti-LGBT route

"Three major institutions stand in the way of LGBT equality: the military, marriage and ministry. Like a three-legged stool of prejudice, when one falls, the rest follow."-Tom Carpenter, co-chair of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy

The Foxy Merkins

The Foxy Merkins is reminiscent of the sexy but tragic films Midnight Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho--films that define the make hustler genre.

Windy City Times
The editors of Black Gay Genius on Joseph Beam

Joseph Beam's In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology ( 1986 ) came at a time when there was a lack of cultural guideposts for, and authentic reflections of, Black gay men. The book touched on isolation, revolution and revelation-and paved the way for Steven G.

Windy City Times
Think tank releases report of finances of LGBT-advocacy groups

This December, the Colorado-based independent think tank Movement Advancement Project ( MAP ) released the 2014 National LGBT Movement Report, a comprehensive overview of the financial health of almost forty leading LGBT social justice organizations. These organizations ranged from legal advocacy ( e.g., Lambda Legal Defense ), broad LGBT advocacy ( e.g., HRC ), research and public education ( e.g.

Windy City Times
Urban policy pro Jocelyn Hare runs for 5th Ward seat

Growing up in a multiracial household as the granddaughter of first-generation Chinese immigrants, candidate Jocelyn Hare ( who identifies as queer ) is a longtime activist for underrepresented groups. She has been a board member of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance for six years, a supporter of increasing the minimum wage, and a believer in a woman's right to choose.

Windy City Times
Darren Walker: The first out gay president of the Ford Foundation

Darren Walker is the first openly gay president of the Ford Foundation, the second largest philanthropy organization in the country. With a background in law, banking and community development, Walker oversees more than $12 billion in assets, giving out global social justice grants totaling $500 million annually.

Windy City Times
Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters

If you're told exactly who you are in the beginning of your life, do you start to believe it yourself? Judy Garland was truly born at the age of 12, when Frances Ethel Gumm ceased to exist and the newly named studio creation burst onto the Hollywood scene.

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