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A Growth Hack for Small Businesses

The ideas behind growth hacking are huge in the start-up community, but less well known by your average small business owner. That doesn't mean they're out of reach. You just have to know how it all works and why a certain growth hacking strategy will be beneficial to you.

If You Want to Be Well Known in Your Niche, Try This

It's astounding just how differently businesses and people market themselves, especially online. What's really difficult for most people to work out though, is how to do it for yourself in a way that actually works.

How to Achieve a Free University Education in Just About Any Field

This trick will change your self-education forever If you're like me, you probably have at least half a dozen university degrees you wish you'd had time to do. After all these years, you still wish you'd done the physics degree, or the computer science degree, or the medieval history degree one of your friends did.

A Comprehensive PR Strategy for Freelancers & Professionals

This is a post for anyone who wants to be known for the high-value services they can offer. I'm going to show you how to think about your social media accounts as a professional, how to get the balance right, and specifically what your customers (read: employers/clients) want to see your answer.

5 Simple Habits to Accelerate Your Progress

If you'd told me a year and a half ago how much I'd get done in the next 18 months, I'd never have believed you. Somehow, while raising kids and working a 9-5 I've managed to finish half an MBA and...

How to Squeeze More Writing Time Into Your Day

Something every new parent working from home learns very quickly is to use their baby's nap time in the most effective way possible. So, it's the ideal time to get lots of work done? Hmm, maybe. (Really, that time is for sleep. Yes, yours.)

Social Media Strategy Doesn't Have to Be Hard - Here's Why

I'd been looking at event suppliers selling cocktails and gin, then I stumbled across an Instagram account for another local drinks supplier of some sort. Was it another cocktail cart? Scroll, scroll, scroll. It took me a good 10 minutes to work out for sure that this was, in fact, a venue.

Mastering the Art of Performance

It's all about getting on the stage. I'm sure you've met someone who seems like a natural performer. Just think of the cool girl with the amazing hair and laid-back attitude who one day saves the day with "Oh, I could get my band to do the gig if you want".