Ashley Eleveld

Freelance Marketing & Communications Strategist

Location icon United States of America

Ashley Eleveld is a communications, marketing and public relations professional with more than 10 years of progressive experience in project management and content development. Born in California, raised in Thailand and educated in Belgium and the United States, her experience as a “third-culture kid” has given her a unique skill set for understanding and communicating the needs of varying audiences. Ashley enjoys the creative and strategic processes of developing print and digital marketing materials, content for websites and blogs, and managing social media. She has a breadth of knowledge and skill for event management, including venue selection, contract negotiations, attendee management, logistics, and budgeting and reporting.


Parasoleil | Project Highlight: Mariposa VII

Parasoleil Combines Beauty and Function for Denver Redevelopment Project The Mariposa Phase VII, the final phase of the South Lincoln HOPE VI redevelopment project in Denver, is a 7-story apartment building with units reserved for the use of both senior and disabled persons. Part of one of Denver's...
Parasoleil | Why You Should Transform Your Space in 2018

Generic is Out. Memorable is In.For the past few years, the world surrounding us has become increasingly more generic and dull. Developers will only create four to five "looks" for homes being built in the trendy new community on the other side of town. The buildings composing our cityscapes are als...
Parasoleil | Project Creator: Parasoleil's latest design tool innovation

The New Project Creator Platform Offers Users a Custom ExperienceWhen it comes to decorative panels for shade, screening, railing, and cladding, creative professionals and homeowners alike turn to Parasoleil. Our unique line of architectural metal panels that filter and sculpt light are specially en...
Parasoleil | 5 Tips for Landscaping at Home this Summer

Following winter's storms and spring's showers, summer is the ideal time to bring your garden back to life. Nature offers an excellent boost to your mental and physical health, so get outside and soak up some of that fantastic Sunshine Vitamin! A great way to get some exercise and get outd...
Parasoleil | Throwing some shade for summer AND winter

How Landscaping For Shade Reduces Energy CostsEnergy efficiency: it's good for sustainability, and great for the pocketbook. To cut energy consumption, environment and budget conscious homeowners are turning to windows with Low-E coatings that provide superior insulation. And developers are construc...

Smelling in Stereo: How Dogs' Noses Work - Ashley Eleveld

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows about the "butt sniff circle". Mat Jobe argues butt sniffing is in fact the "most popular activity at any dog park in existence". Many of you know why dogs do this, but do you know how it can determine the age, health, temperament, etc...of another dog simply from sniffing?

Presentation Guy
Part 1: The Basics Of Creating Better Presentations

By Ashley Eleveld, Project Coordinator, Simmons Creative While the digital age has given us many great tools to create presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote), add great features to presentations (PiktoChart, 1001 Free Fonts, iStockPhoto), and to share presentations (SlideShare, Speaker Deck), it has also created unique challenges for presenters.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) - Ashley Eleveld

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is widely misunderstood to be a death sentence for cats. Contrary to what most believe, the slow-acting virus can take year to show any symptoms following infection, and even then, with proper care and a nutritionally balanced and complete diet, infected cats can live long, happy lives.


Parasoleil Website

I worked to redesign and revamp Parasoleil's website in 2017. Working with a web developer and the team, we added some significant new features, including: - eCommerce options - A tool to design your own products - Case Studies - A more robust blogging platform

Q-Value Add
Q-Value Add - New Website Project

Q-Value Add offers comprehensive, best in class global sourcing and supplier management services for clients in North America, Europe and East Asia. Q-Value assists customers in reducing risk in their supply chains, lowering production costs, and producing the highest quality products on the market.