Andrew O'Reilly

Journalist & Writer

United States

Andrew is a veteran reporter and writer who is capable of working on everything from breaking news to magazine-length features. He is known for a strong narrative voice, in-depth investigative work and combining his video and photography skills with his writing.

Andrew's work has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, ESPN The Magazine, Outside Magazine, Fox News, The New York Daily News, Hemispheres Magazine, Rock and Ice and other publications. When he is not busy reporting, Andrew can be found either on his bike or hunting for fresh snow to ski.



She's Taking Out the Trash - Patagonia

Shortly after her first protest at the trash incinerator plant, Zulene met Mike Ewall, the present-day director of the Energy Justice Network and a Pennsylvania native who was then a local college student.

The New York Times
Building an Urban Escape Vehicle

Thomas Callahan is a lifelong bike fanatic and the owner of Horse Cycles, a custom bicycle company based in Williamsburg that he founded in 2007. Known mainly for gorgeous steel-framed urban bikes, Mr. Callahan recently turned his attention to building what he described as “the ultimate East Coast trail bike.”

Don't Till On Me - Patagonia

Del Ficke is a soil junkie. "It's like a drug the first time you feel real good soil," he says. "You get it in your hands and can feel how good it is. You can smell it and taste it. You just want to take a big old hit of it."

Rock and Ice Magazine
The Forgotten

A profile on prolific Colombian mountaineer and artist Erwin Kraus


Fox News
Miami Gold Heist Leads To International Manhunt For Cuban Migrant

When Raonel Valdez walked into a Coral Gables, Fla., apartment building early one morning last March, he already had a rap sheet that included arrests for felony possession of both marijuana and methamphetamine, aggravated assault and was also a suspect in a major smuggling case that brought Cuban migrants to Mexico on stolen go-fast boats.


Fox News
Historic presidency, controversial legacy: What Obama leaves behind

When he took the stage last Wednesday night for his farewell address, Barack Obama made his case for the agenda he doggedly pursued these past eight years - touting gains in the job market, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, legalized gay marriage and breakthroughs in foreign affairs stretching from Cuba to Iran.


Fox News
Chilean Patagonia Stuck Between Dam Project And Preservation

Hugging the border of Argentina, Chile's Jeinimeni mountains tower over the expansive, arid Patagonian steppe of the Chacabuco Valley. Its snow-capped peaks reflect an auburn sheen on the clouds, contrasting against an azure sky as pumas stalk prey through the sprawling beech tree forests in a part of Chile that Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda called a "land of frozen teeth gnawed by thunder."

Fox News
Native Alaskans divided over oil drilling in pristine Arctic refuge

The Arctic Slope Regional Corp., the only regional Native corporation that has rights to future oil revenues from the subsurface land it owns beneath ANWR, has demanded that other corporations stop asking Congress to require the company to share any of its oil wealth.

Fox News
Enrique Penalosa: Bogota's Former Mayor Advocates for a More Livable City

The snow begins to pile up on the streets of Manhattan as a steady stream of taxis rush down Broadway toward Union Square amid a cacophony of horns, revving engines and screeching tires. The lunchtime crowd scuttles along the sidewalk, bundled up in heavy winter coats and hunched under umbrellas while a lone bicycle messenger precariously swerves through traffic.

Fox News
Trump's EPA chief is Superfund focused, climate change ... not so much

The stench is the first thing you notice. The smell of Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal is a mix of raw sewage, industrial chemicals and stagnant salt water that assaults the nostrils and - especially for anyone visiting the area on a full stomach - can be nausea-inducing.


Hemispheres Magazine
Road Warrior

Profile on cycling director Jonathan Vaughters and his efforts to combat doping in the sport.

Fox News
Latin American Big Wave Surfers Make Their Mark On An Outsider Sport

Perched atop a rock outcropping overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Nazaré lighthouse has stood sentinel for decades in this corner of Portugal, north of Lisbon, helping guide wayward ships through the rugged, unpredictable surf toward the tiny port town it shares a name with.

Fox News
George Hincapie on Cycling, Growing Up and His Colombian Roots

It's been called by many names. The Hell of the North, The Queen of the Classics, The Easter Race. To George Hincapie, Paris Roubaix has always been the elusive prize. For 17 seasons, the American cyclist has lined up at the start in the town of Compiègne to begin the 160-some mile race over the centuries-old cobblestones and battered roads of northern France.
Vuelta a Colombia 2010 Coverage

With the cycling world's attention trained on France, the South American nation of Colombia is quietly preparing for it own national tour.

Fox News
World Cup 2014: The Mystery Of The Jules Rimet Trophy

On the early morning hours of December 20, 1983 in Rio de Janeiro, the most coveted prize in the world of sports disappeared without a trace. The Jules Rimet Trophy, a gold-plated statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, was named after a former FIFA president who commissioned it.

ESPN The Magazine
Capology: Raising the lid on the darker side of fan fashion

IN THE LATE 1980s, the legendary hip-hop group NWA introduced America to two things: LA gang culture and the menacing power of a baseball cap (Los Angeles Raiders, black). More than 20 years later, gang members continue to sport pro and college team hats to rep their crew.

Lifestyle and Travel

The New York Times
At the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, No Villains Are Allowed

The center grew out of 826 Valencia, a similar program in San Francisco that Dave Eggers, the author of the best-selling memoir "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius," helped establish in 2002. To attract children and help finance the project, the 826NYC organizers decided they needed a front.

Outside Online
Rapha and Apple Make Predictably Gorgeous Commuter Bags

When Rapha announced that it was teaming up with Apple to create a line of bike accessories for cyclists who want to keep their electronics safe on the go, it seemed like a meeting of the minds of two eminently style-conscious brands.

The Brooklyn Quarterly
Place of Sands - The Brooklyn Quarterly

Surfing in Rockaway, One Year After Sandy One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken. -Leo Tolstoy Driving over the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge from Broad Channel is how I always get my first real look at New York's claim on the Atlantic.