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I am Amelia Grant, journalist, and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better. That is why I feel a strong intention to share useful and important things about health self-care, wellness and other advice that may be helpful for people. Being an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle that keeps improving my life, I wish the same for everyone.

Our attention to ourselves, to our daily routine and habits, is very important. Things that may seem insignificant, are pieces of a big puzzle called life. I want to encourage people to be more attentive to their well-being, improve every little item of it and become healthier, happier, stronger. All of us deserve that. And I really hope that my work helps to make the world better.

Amelia Grant
11 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Caring for the environment is not just the latest trend, it is a lifestyle. And the wedding is not a reason to stop caring about nature. How to make the celebration more environmentally friendly to save the environment? Learn from our article.

Amelia Grant
Body Language and Low Self-Esteem

Even those who never studied body language, understand it and constantly speak it. Some people radiate confidence, some radiate the lack of it.

Amelia Grant
10 Ways How Pregnancy Affects the Female Body

Pregnancy is a normal physiological process. At the same time, with the beginning of pregnancy, there are great changes in the woman's body, about which it is important to know and for which it is desirable to be ready. In this article, we will describe to you how pregnancy affects the woman’s body.

Amelia Grant
How Does the Choice of a Car Depend on the Temperament of the Owner?

A person chooses a car, guided by logical thinking: small and medium-sized cars with medium engine dimensions are ideal for city trips, while for the road you need to choose a large engine size and the same size car. Scientists have shown that drivers more often choose a vehicle on an intuitive level, which directly depends on human temperament.

Amelia Grant
8 Foods Which Will Help You Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is an exhausting condition that can not only spoil the mood but also worsen your health. In critical cases, doctors may prescribe medication therapy, but many of us can improve the quality of our sleep by practicing a relaxing bath, meditation, or even changing our diet.