Alyssa Lizarraga


United States

I am an aspiring Los Angeles-based writer specializing in stories. Whether it be storyboarding and executing my own narratives or reviewing published works with an approachable mixture of subjectivity and objectivity, I bring my passion for stories into everything I write. My highly adaptable writing style makes me a valuable member of any creative team.

My experiences with screenwriting, playwriting, personal and analytical essays, and literature reviews have been instrumental in developing my unique writing style, and I look forward to bringing my voice to all future projects!


Published Articles

I Judge Books by Their Covers and You Should Too

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a fair piece of advice when you're six years old and your parents are teaching you empathy. With actual book covers, though, it's a little more complicated.


Personal Project
The Ascension of George Laurent

*SAMPLE OF COMPLETED FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPT* While working on a tell-all book about the cult-turned-mass-suicide that her brother was in, a young woman meets a mysterious ally who promises to assist her in her pursuits, on the condition that she put her doubts about the convenience of their "chance" meeting aside and follow her into the dark…no matter how far.


A young student whose home life leaves much to be desired explores a plant nursery while filming for a school project, only to find that the establishment may hold the key to her memories.

Forget this Place

A young woman is torn from her cyclical life and is thrust into a world she never could have imagined. But a sinister force hides in the shadows, and an unlikely ally may be the only opportunity for escape...if escape is even possible.

Kingdom Keeper

A one-act play exploring the relationship between two young grieving brothers...until a revelation changes the narrative forever.

Thelma & Butch

A character-swapping exercise in which Butch Cassidy stands in for J.D. in 1991's Thelma and Louise.


Personal Project
Book Reviews

A collection of my book reviews, which can also be found on my Instagram (@alyssalizarraga)