Alecsandra Tubiera

Writer + Blogger


I have always been engaged in music, and reading music articles was what made me pursue journalism. A few years ago, I created a blog that focused on pop music. This led to numerous opportunities - from attending concerts to being a part of the media. I became a part of the media during Greyson Chance's 2016 Manila Tour press conference, and the experience inspired me to further work on a career in journalism.

In 2018, I was an editorial intern for EBR Media Asia Inc, and was able to produce articles for its publications: The World Financial Review and The Political Anthropologist. I spent two months interviewing business leaders, drafting article proposals, creating social media tags, and writing about topics that I was genuinely passionate about.

I was also a writer for South China Morning Post (SCMP) STYLE Magazine, where I wrote about articles on veganism, fashion, and K-Pop

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