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Aira is a Human Resource practitioner based in Manila, Philippines. Writing is a part of her job - formal letters, memoranda, company guidelines and policies - but her passion is into creative writing. In her spare time, you can see her reading or writing things of her own.

Breaking Billions - Insurtech on the Rise - Market Insights - Digitalscouting

Breaking Billions - Insurtech on the Rise. An Analysis of funding in Europe and 6 interesting insurtech by Florian Graillot ( and Dr. Robin Kiera ( InsurTech is an enormous industry whose global market size is projected to reach US$ 11940 million by 2027. Ever since the first insurtech startups tested the waters in 2010, [...]

Is TikTok a Time Bomb? - Market Insights - Digitalscouting

TikTok might only look like a lip-syncing and video content for the Gen Z and millennials, but would you actually believe that it can also be a good marketing platform for your business? Tiktok is an iteration of, a popular lip-syncing app from 2014.

Useful Features For Note-Taking In Google Keep

Along with the many services that Google offers such as Google Search, Google Drive and Gmail, Google Keep is among those that people can use for work and daily note-taking. Listed are the useful features that make Google Keep one of the best note-taking services and apps available on web, Android and iOS.

Make Your Resume Stand Out With These Free Tips

Whether you are applying for work or are looking for an internship, one thing's for sure - you'll be needing a resume. As a Human Resource (HR) practitioner, I've seen thousands of resumes. And just by looking at them, I can assure you that some can make it to the top of the pile.

Three Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

I am a firm believer that love is a choice; a conscious decision. It goes deep down the physical and sexual attraction, and definitely beyond the "slow motion" at first sight. Love is more of an action word like, giving without asking anything in return or understanding without questions.


Three weeks ago, I ended up a four-year relationship with the person I've planned the rest of my life with. What we had is the mature kind of love-the kind of love that understands and appreciates; the kind of love that sacrifices without asking something in return; it was the kind of love that forgives and accepts, but not everlasting.