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United States

Addison Burke is a freelance writer that teaches businesses how to grow through better digital marketing.

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4 ways continuing education helps freelancers succeed

As a freelancer, it's no secret that you don't have access to the same resources that big corporations have. This means professional development can take a backseat. It's especially true when you're trying to keep clients happy and make sure that you have a consistent flow of work coming through the door.

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10 ways to leverage strategic partnerships

No matter the size or industry your business is in, forming strategic partnerships is key to increasing your bottom line. But actually forming these kinds of partnerships isn't easy. You need to take a strategic approach to make sure that it's mutually beneficial for both parties. Here's

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When to consider selling your freelance business

When freelancers start their businesses, they go all in: launching their websites, building their authority, differentiating themselves from competitors, and finding increasingly lucrative clients. Once business is booming, however, they tend to look for other income sources. That could be info products, revenue-sharing deals, affiliate marketing, and so on.

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7 steps to selling your freelance business

If you read our post last week about selling your freelance business and think it may be the path for you, here's how to make it happen. If business is booming, there's a good chance you'll get a few offers from interested buyers before you've decided to sell.

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The most in-demand freelance jobs to pursue in 2021

Over the past few years, 70% of small and medium businesses have embraced freelancers, thanks to the flexibility that comes with having a virtual team. There are no signs that this trend will slow down, especially after the pandemic has pushed most location-based businesses to work virtually.

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Are you making these 4 common content marketing mistakes?

You've heard that content marketing is absolutely vital to the success of your scaling business. But all of your content marketing efforts have failed to move the sales needle in the right direction. How is this possible? You could be making one of four very common content marketing mistakes that can stunt your growth, or even halt it all together.

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3 Easy Ways to Improve The Value of Your Next Blog Post

Blogging is harder than it has ever been. More people are writing more posts more often. In fact, over four million are posted daily. This makes standing out almost impossible. Blogging is oversaturated, so, what can you do? Provide more value and extend the life cycle of your blog post.

Why UX Personas Matter in Web Design (+2 Persona Examples) | SpyreStudios

What's the one thing that designers, coders, and writers all seek in unison? Besides an easy to work with clients, of course. It's clarity. When achieved, it makes quick work of even the most daunting task. If absent, even a mind-numbingly menial job can break a seasoned professional down to tears.

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Manage a hectic workload with these project management tools

A typical project consists of many moving parts. One freelancer may be responsible for delivering one part, while another puts it all together. Deadlines that aren't met can send the entire project plunging. Project scheduling involves creating a timeline for upcoming tasks and establishing clear deadlines.

4 Website Maintenance Costs You Should Watch Out For | SpyreStudios

Marketers need to get a grasp on their overall budget. No matter how good your budgeting skills are, there are always surprising costs that pop up, especially when it comes to website maintenance. Security attacks, new features, a company rebranding-you name it. Your website needs continuous updates to ensure that it is aligned with your company's standards.