Aaron Stanley

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Reporter

I am an accomplished journalist covering cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, with prior experience covering politics, economics and technology.

I currently write for Forbes.com while providing strategic communications and public affairs consulting services for companies in the blockchain space. In 2017, I wrote for CoinDesk, the leading crypto and blockchain publication. I also periodically write for the Financial Times, where I worked for four years in Washington before moving on in 2015 to finish my Master's degree.

I am a Portuguese speaker and have a keen interest in Brazil, and I am always interested in new professional opportunities at the intersection of international affairs, technology and policy.

I am motivated to comprehend and express, make unique and distinctive contributions, excel and play a key role in a team environment.

I hold an MA in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and a BA in Social Sciences from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN

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United States of America


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


Is The Blockchain Pendulum Shifting Back Toward Enterprise? A New Deloitte Survey Suggests So

The back-and-forth tussle between open, public blockchains and closed, permissioned blockchains and distributed ledgers has been raging ever since "blockchain, not bitcoin"...


Bitcoin To $96,000, XRP To $0.01 By 2023, ICO Advisor Satis Group Estimates

Despite downward pressure on the price of bitcoin for most of 2018, ICO advisory firm Satis Group sees bitcoin's value proposition and market depth as strong vis-a-vis other...


PwC: Regulatory Uncertainty Is Largest Impediment To Blockchain Adoption

Regulation is proving to be the most formidable barrier to the development and deployment of blockchain solutions in business contexts, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of...


Time For A Clean Up? Market Manipulation Concerns Loom Large Over Bitcoin ETF Rejections

The Securities and Exchange Commission rejecting proposals for bitcoin exchange traded funds is officially the crypto community's 'dog bites man' news story. In the 18 months...


LabCFTC Director Daniel Gorfine Talks Inaugural Year, U.S. Fintech Regulation

First launched in May 2017, LabCFTC has become a guiding example of how U.S. financial regulators are thinking outside the box to engage fintech innovators. Forbes sat down with...


Just In Time? Winklevoss-Backed Crypto Self-Regulatory Effort Picks Up Steam

Crypto markets have fallen on hard times recently with declining prices and increasing regulatory attention, but a new Winklevoss twin-backed group is looking to lay the...


What Does The U.S. Treasury Fintech Report Mean For Crypto?

After 18 months of anticipation, the Treasury Department released on Tuesday a seminal report examining the barriers to financial technology and innovation in the United States...


Token Alliance: Utility Tokens 'Under Threat Of Extinction By Regulation' In U.S.

The Token Alliance, a group of crypto industry practitioners convened by the Chamber of Digital Commerce, is warning that utility tokens in the U.S. could soon go the way of the...


With Crypto, Regulators Understand More Than They're Given Credit For

Crypto Twitter went berserk last week when a congressman went off the rails castigating bitcoin at a well-publicized hearing, but the community needs to understand that...


U.S. Chamber Calls For Regulatory Clarity On Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings

The largest business association in the United States has issued a call for more regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies and activities they can be used for, such as initial...


Accenture Showcases Blockchain Prototype For Aerospace Supply Chains At Farnborough Air Show

Blockchain momentum is building in the world of aerospace and defense supply chains, and it will be on full display this week at the world-famous Farnborough Air Show as...


More Cryptocurrency Transfers Needed To Aid Struggling Venezuelans, Think Tank Urges

Peer-to-peer electronic cash transfer mechanisms such as cryptocurrencies should be encouraged to help a dire humanitarian situation in Venezuela and undercut President Nicolas...


Big Hitter Crypto Funds Pile Into Privacy-Enhanced Smart Contract Startup Oasis Labs

Smart contract platforms that solve blockchain's data privacy and performance concerns remain elusive, but Oasis Labs, founded by a UC-Berkeley computer scientist, believes it...


Security Or Commodity? Cato Institute Rolls Out Dual-Tier ICO Regulation Proposal

U.S. regulators should lay out clear rules dictating when a cryptocurrency issued in an initial coin offering is considered a security and when it is a commodity, a new Cato...


Is The U.S. Getting Its Act Together On Quantum Computing?

Policymakers in Washington seem to be waking up to concerns that the United States is lagging behind China and other countries when it comes to investing in quantum computing, a...


U.S. Secret Service: Action Needed To Address Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

A top U.S. Secret Service official on Wednesday asked Congress for help in preventing cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash, which provide users with enhanced privacy and...


Ex-Overstock Chairman Committed To Crypto Despite Market Woes, Calls For U.S. Regulatory Clarity

Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, Jonathan Johnson, former chairman of Overstock.com and current president of Medici Ventures, doubled-down on his companies' commitment to...


U.N. Official Defends Refugee Voucher Program, Even Though It Doesn't Require Blockchain

Robert Opp of the U.N. World Food Programme is arguing that while his agency's well-publicized efforts to distribute food vouchers to Syrian refugees don't actually require use...


Blockchain Game Momentum Builds With EON Foundation $5M Seed Round

Six months after the CryptoKitties craze, momentum continues to build behind blockchain-based games and non-fungible crypto collectibles. EON Foundation, the blockchain games...