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Writer, Scholar

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Zaynub Nisa is a tech writer and communication scholar based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently working to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in English Professional and Technical Writing at San Jose State University.

As a Communication Studies scholar, Zainab uses her experiences as a queer Indo-Fijian female to offer a unique voice to the professional, online, and academic world. She spends a considerable amount of time on her academics in studying interpersonal communication, feminism, LGBTQ rights, racial profiling and discrimination, and marginalization. She has a passion for scholarly writing and hopes to pursue her studies on a graduate level in Fall 2019.

Zainab has also completed a Minor in English, Professional and Technical Writing. She enjoys applying her knowledge of effective communication into her technical writing. As an efficient writer and communicator, Zainab also strongly believes in the power of effective visual mediums. She has considerable interest in graphic design and loves creating infographics, posters, promotional ads, and numerous other genres of content.

In her writings, she explores numerous themes of interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, media, pop culture, and social challenges. Zainab hopes to publish several academic papers in the future. Her proudest academic accomplishment comprises of a detailed literature review on the identity disclosure of LGBT individuals throughout recent history and computer-mediated communication. She aspires to have her writing published in scholarly journals as well as in online communities. In her free time, she also engages in street and candid photography, treating the visual medium as a form of documentation of candid history. Zainab strives for writing that helps to illuminate the marginalized communities of the world, fostering understanding and empathy, helping to create a better society.

ENGL 107

An app manual for the SJSU SAMMY APP, created with five other collaborators, for the English 107 Technical Writing Course.

ENGL 107
KidCore Proposal

A mock up proposal for a fictional organization, KidCore, seeking educational modules to be taught in a newly established training center. Created for the English 107 Technical Writing Course.

ENGL 129
Professor and Professional

A profile following the experiences and insight of a Communication Studies Professor and Professional. Written for the English 129, Professional Writing Course.

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