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The Independent
People are reporting hate crimes sparked by the EU Referendum result

More than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Many of the alleged perpetrators cited the decision to leave the EU explicitly. One video, purportedly filmed in Hackney on the morning after the referendum, shows a man arguing with someone in a car before yelling: "Go back to your country."

Daily Life Australia
People in the UK are sharing racist hate speech they've witnessed in the wake of Brexit

Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party. Photo: AP The first casualty of the climate of fear, hate and xenophobia whipped up in the United Kingdom throughout the Brexit campaign by those campaigning to leave the EU was Jo Cox, the Labour MP assassinated by a far-right extremist shouting 'Britain First' as he shot and stabbed her to death.

Slate Magazine
Wave of Racist, Xenophobic Incidents After Brexit Vote Has U.K. Worried

Reports of racist incidents and even hate crimes across the U.K. are on the rise after Thursday's vote, leading to concern that the divisive campaign over leaving the European Union has emboldened certain extremist elements of society. More than 100 incidents "of racial abuse and hate crime" have been reported since Thursday's vote, according to the Independent .

NBC News
'Get Out, We Voted Leave': Has Brexit Emboldened Racists?

LONDON - Reports of racial abuse on Britain's streets have spiked following the country's bitterly fought Brexit referendum, campaigners say. More than 100 alleged hate crimes have been brought to the attention of the Muslim Council of Britain since Friday's result.

Svenska Dagbladet
Brittisk Facebookgrupp växer efter flera hatbrott

Hatbrotten ökar i Storbritannien efter valet. Nu har tre kvinnor startat Facebookgruppen "Worrying signs" där människor som trakasserats kan dela med sig av sina erfarenheter. På kort tid har gruppen fått tiotusentals medlemmar. - Ingen har velat prata om vad som håller på att hända, men nu tvingas myndigheterna öppna ögonen, säger initiativtagaren Natasha Blank.

BBC News
'Go back home' - Bitter backlash post EU referendum - BBC News

Since the EU referendum results revealed the UK voted to leave, people have been compiling reports of racism on social media. A number of incidents where people have experienced hostility because of the colour of their skin and their ethnic background have been shared online.

Evening Standard
This Facebook page highlights racist abuse amid post-Brexit surge

Critics have attempted to shut down a Facebook group which highlights racist encounters amid a spike in hate crimes after the EU referendum. Sarah Childs, 32, set up the Worrying Signs page with two university friends to show highlight a surge in xenophobic incidents since Britain voted to quit the EU.

Think post-Brexit racism isn't real? This Facebook group shows otherwise

A Facebook group set up to record incidents of racial abuse in the UK has been flooded with a disturbing number of posts. People of European origin and BAME British people have been increasingly targeted by racists that have come out of the woodwork, seemingly mobilised by the Brexit mandate.

ITV News
Group aims to highlight any 'Worrying Signs' of xenophobia after Brexit vote

A Facebook group has been set up to encouraging people to share alleged incidents of racism or xenophobia in the wake of the referendum vote for Britain to leave the European Union. The "Worrying Signs" group invites people to share experiences and concerns and to post pictures and screen grabs relating to any alleged incidents.

Associated Press
Intolerant acts surge as British referendum result sinks in

LONDON (AP) - An Eastern European family in Rugby finds dog excrement shoved through its mailbox. A Londoner nearly gets into a fight over drunken slurs shouted on a crowded subway car. A Polish teenager in Gloucestershire is taunted with threats of deportation at her high school.

BBC News Online
Friends use Facebook to document post-referendum racism claims - BBC News

For its thousands of followers, the Facebook page Worrying Signs makes for uncomfortable reading about post-referendum Britain. Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, social media users have shared stories of xenophobia, with reports of people being told to "go home" or worse.