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Freelance Multimedia Journalist, Author, YouTuber, Professional Content Guy

I'm a proud freelance multimedia journalist skilled in many forms of storytelling.

From arts, entertainment, culture, technology and travel—to personal development, real estate, retail, media analysis and celebrity-profile pieces—I can help you tell your story. I also assist companies in strengthening brand messaging and creating expert custom content.

My motto is "always tell stories" because behind every person, event and destination there's always a tale waiting to be told.

Currently accepting assignments for magazine, web, ghost writing, corporate communications, human interest, guest blogging and op-ed pieces.

Please check out my blog at CrankyYank.com and my charity effort, ARTvisionATL.org.



Newsmaker Profiles

Professional Photographer Magazine

The American Photographer

At the pinnacle of his career, Pete Souza captures history quietly in the background.


Preview: Mary Chapin Carpenter subs in Variety Playhouse for canceled Symphony Hall show

Within the halls of Atlanta Symphony, the silence has been deafening. For nine weeks, an extended musician lockout prevented the performance of many great pieces - from works of...


Gregory Gourdet from Bravo's "Top Chef"

Beyond the whirlwind schedule, constant cameras and international fame that Top Chef brings, Portland's relaxed vibe is where Gregory Gourdet began to find himself. After...

Professional Photographer Magazine

Portrait of a Business

Michael Potthast builds on a family legacy.


Pizza for Good by Will Pollock

The Rise of 'Chowfunding'

Last weekend I was suffering from a sore lower back - but I still drove out to Ackworth, Ga., to play a USTA league tennis match. I'm very glad I did, too, because it shows that...

Cannon House

Amidst 'Noise and Haste,' Searching for Healing

(this post has been updated) "Go placidly amid the noise in haste." That's a verse from the Desiderata, one of my favorite poems of all time. Right now there's a lot of both...

B2B, Retail & Real Estate

Real Estate News

Just Because It's a Seller's Market Doesn't Mean Your Home Will Sell Itself

It's a seller's market in the high season, as everyone knows by now. So if your home is listed, you're already halfway to the bank, right? Slow your roll, O Zealous Seller! It's...

Luxury Market Report/Elegant Homes

Estate Properties Cover Story

When an estate property goes on the market for sale, an unusually rich legacy becomes primed for transition.

Shopping Centers Today

Springing Forward

An expansion of Disney Springs will have a dramatic affect on Central Florida.

Luxury Market Report/Elegant Homes

On the Waterfront: Prized Properties with Breathtaking Vistas

Travel & Lifestyle

Sea Ray Living

What Lies Beneath

Florida's emerald surf provides the perfect playground for Jay Haines and his 420 Sundancer.

Sea Ray Living

A Certain Southern Charm

Arts & Culture


"American Idol": Judging the Judges

We're finally past American Idol 's pre-taped auditions and selectively-edited Hollywood Week. The field this year is wide open, with no distinct Scotty McCreery-esque favorite....

The GA Voice

Meeting Margaret Cho: Diva inspires gay man's cancer fight

Those who doubt that laughter is the best medicine probably haven't met Bryan Raybon. My good friend, 32, who this past February was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, is...

The Sunday Paper & WillPollock.com

Cutting Across Racial Lines

Call it Atlanta's underground racial experiment.