Warren Langford

Radio Journalist/Writer

Seattle based radio journalist and writer. News anchor/editor/producer at 97.3 FM KIRO Radio.
Contributing producer at Sound Effect on KPLU 88.5. Freelance at NPR: All Things Considered.
Contributing writer at The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Kaplan Quarterly.
B.A. in Communication from University of Washington

United States of America


Personal Effects


In Personal Effects we talk to people about the most extraordinarily important/impactful objects in their lives. From the items we keep near and dear to the things we wish we'd...


Seattle Voice Coach Helps Transgender People Sound Like Themselves

The recent public conversations about gender identity and transgender people have tended to focus on bodies: biological sex versus gender identity, the clothes people wear, what...


Finding Marcos: Producer Sets Out To Find The Voice On His Second-Hand Toy Cassette Recorder

In 2001, producer Warren Langford found a toy cassette recorder at a yard sale in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This was not any old recorder. This was a Talkboy, the must-have...


How Hollow Earth Radio Grew Out Of One Family's Attic And Into A Community

Hollow Earth Radio was founded in the bedrooms of Amber Kai Morgan and her husband Garrett Kelly almost ten years ago. They've since moved the operation to a little storefront...


The Tradition of 'Laser Floyd' At The Pacific Science Center Laser Dome

For most people, when they hear the words "Laser" and "Floyd" together the first thing that comes to mind is usually not "time honored tradition." But that's exactly what's been...


Coin-Operated Folklore: Polybius, Portland's Mythical Arcade Game

One of Portland's most notorious and awesome urban myths is that of a mysterious arcade game called Polybius. Legend has it the machine showed up in suburban arcades sometime in...


A Legal Journey for Spiritual Enlightenment in Elbe, Washington

Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier; Elbe, Washington is home to train car hotels with signs welcoming tourists hoping to bask in the glory of the mountain. But Elbe will soon...


Revisiting Tiny, An Icon Of Life On Seattle's Streets, 30 Years Later

In 1983, Martin Bell and his wife, acclaimed photographer Mary Ellen Mark, set out to document the lives of young people living on the streets of Seattle, and he says he'll...


How A Narcolepsy Diagnosis Ignited A Career In Neuroscience

When Wesley Scott went back to school she was on the fast track to a nursing degree, but the odd sleep-related symptoms she's had since childhood began to


Is Amazon Planning Hundreds Of Bookstores? Analysts Doubt It

Last November, Amazon did the unthinkable for an online retailer known for undercutting brick-and-mortar bookstores: It opened a walk-in store in Seattle. Now, there's talk that...

Seattle Weekly

What's Up With Seattle's Messed-Up Utility Poles?

There's an enigmatic monolith on Capitol Hill, near East John Street and 10th Avenue East. The haunted soda dispenser, you say? No, a much more perplexing mystery resides on the...

Seattle Weekly

Living With, and Looking Past, Tragedies as a Renter

Nathaniel Pinzon is one of nine current residents of 2112 E. Republican St. on Capitol Hill, better known as the house where, in the early hours of March 25, 2006, Kyle Aaron...

Seattle Weekly

We Saw Nearly Every Pacific Science Center Laser Dome Show So You Don't Have To

John Borcherding, the head laser artist (or, more awesomely: laserist) at Pacific Science Center has ruled the Laser Dome since 2000. To date Borcherding has conducted over...

Seattle Weekly

Bonkers Fake Viral Story About LSD Scientist Lifts Photo from Equally Bonkers but Real Seattle Story

Scrolling through Facebook the other day I caught a glimpse of an unmistakably familiar face (see right). With an unfamiliar headline: " Scientist Missing for over 30 years...