Warren R. Johnson

Freelance Writer


I am a freelance writer publishing my interests in wine literature, travel, history, religion, and music through numerous articles and 6 books.

For several years, I operated new and used bookstores. I have many years of education, and traditional employment primarily in sacred music, books, and medical research. I have traveled extensively – 47 states, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Panama, and Ecuador.

You can find me at https://www.TravelSketches.info

Sydney Organ Journal
The Unruly Mr. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a master of form. He composed in the strictest style, often employing the fugue, the passacaglia, or the sonata. He was a numerologist, writing music based on the four letters of his last name or the 21 letters of his full name. His life, however, was usually not so strict. He was more of a free spirit than his music would suggest.

The Sydney Organ Journal
Portland's Mighty Austin

The history of Portland Maine's municipal organ and its organists

New Oxford Review
Another Side of John Henry Newman | New Oxford Review

GUEST COLUMN Warren R. Johnson is a retired church musician and formerly Organist-Choirmaster at All Saints' Parish in San Francisco. He holds advanced degrees in both sacred music and theology and lives a quiet life in the North Georgia Mountains. Ed. Note: The feast day of Bl.

US36 Expedition
Cozy Camping Along Kansas Highway 36

What’s wrong with Kansas? Nothing. There is much to see and do, particularly in Western Kansas. The Eight Wonders of Kansas Customs are not only very interesting, some are downright kooky. It’s unbelievable what some people will do to amuse themselves and us. Find the world’s largest ball of twine, the Garden of Eden, a chapel seating six people, a museum picturing those who ran for the Presidency and lost, and an Indian raid museum. Travel along with me as I explore this region.

Green Living Community Lets You Retreat to Nature

Nestled in the woods of North Georgia are 60 acres of sustainable living. Enota Mountain Retreat is a community of visitors and residents for conservation, educational and spiritual purposes, located in the tallest mountains of Georgia. Once sacred Cherokee land, this land is in trust and its residents live in cooperation with nature. Surrounding the Enota community are 750,000 acres of the Chattahoochee National Forest, with the Appalachian Trail within a mile and a half.