Walt Chantry

Amateur Historian & Author

United States

Walt Chantry is a historian on a mission to preserve the silenced stories of the Confederate Generals.

Walt Chantry
How to Read More Books

It seems so simple. To read more books, you must pick up more books and read their contents. While we understand the process we must go through to read more, it often isn't as easy as it appears. Avid reader Walt Chantry shares his thoughts on helping the average person finish reading more books.

Walt Chantry
Two New Books to Read This Summer

Struggling to find the perfect read this summer? Or perhaps you've found yourself in a reading slump. No matter the cause, author and book enthusiast Walt Chantry has some picks for you to end your summer strong. Image: Pexels #1. Malibu Rising, by Taylor Jenkins Reid Malibu Rising follows four siblings on their own paths...

Walt Chantry
How to Become a Better Writer

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a better writer is actually the writer themself. It's easy to block out some time, sit down, and get into the writing headspace, but it's difficult to actually put pen to paper. For some it's procrastination that makes writing difficult, but for others it's the fear of failure...

Walt Chantry
Which Is Better: Print Books Or Ebooks?

There seems to be an ongoing literary debate of whether physical, print books are better than digital ebooks. Whichever side you choose, there's compelling arguments for both. Print books are the original source of all knowledge, so they'll always rank supreme in that regard. They're portable, and you can mark up the text as you...

Walt Chantry
How to Support Small Authors

Author Walt Chantry understands that smaller authors are hard to find and are often overlooked by more popular, more mainstream writers. In today’s world, it’s difficult to find new-to-you authors when we’re bombarded with New York Times Best Sellers, book subscription services, and audio books. It’s easier to support already successful authors than authors who are still paving their way in the industry. Unless you have a close relationship with a local bookshop or library, it can be really...

Walt Chantry
How to Become a Published Author

Signing a book deal is often one of the top accomplishments for aspiring authors. It tells you that someone noticed your hard work, liked it enough to pay you for it, and could lead to popularity and an audience for your future career! It might seem easy to just write a book, but the road...

Walt Chantry
What Makes a Book Rare?

Some book collectors are only interested in collecting rare books. Rightfully so, rare books tend to hold a higher value than their non-rare counterparts. Why is that so? Keep reading to find out. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels Ultimately, book rarity comes down to supply and demand.

Walt Chantry
Discussing the Future of Book Collecting

It is quite clear that our eyes are glued to screens more often than they are glued to paper. Perhaps this is a result of technological advances or because of a societal need for instant information, or perhaps a mix of both. The truth is, no matter how digitalized our media and book collections become,...

Walt Chantry
Romanian History Under Attack

A building steeped in Romanian history is at risk of being destroyed. These young historians in Romania are doing their part to prevent this from happening. Walt Chantry shares the story: In Romania, a focal point of the nation's history is facing extinction. The spa resort, Baile Herculane (Hercules' Baths), known for natural springs and...

Walt Chantry Books & Reading

Nothing beats a good book! When it comes to relaxation, reading is Walt Chantry's go-to activity. Fostering a lifelong love of reading, Walt has always adored immersing himself in a page-turning story. An amateur historian, he particularly enjoys historical fiction and nonfiction.