Vincent Simboli

Writer and Storyteller


Writer based in Montreal, QC with a gift for telling peoples' stories. Journalist and Freelance Copywriter for hire.

Expertise in Branding, Biotech, Latin America+Caribbean, and Diaspora Literature.

Bilingual Spanish/English, proficient in French. McGill '16.

Graphite Publications
It Takes Guts

When you first see him, Clark looks like your typical 23-year-old English Literature student at McGill University (which is to say 'bespectacled and bearded'). He is quick to tell you about an exciting new book, or share his thoughts about some of the more colourful characters of the NBA. He's tall,...

Rocking while Black: an interview with Fredua of Bad Rabbits

"Growing up, people were always telling me that I was the 'whitest Black kid' they knew because I loved 'white rock music' like Radiohead and Dead Kennedys," says Fredua of Bad Rabbits. He laughs, and quickly responds to them: "But you can't 'act a colour,' and Rock & Roll culture isn't reserved for X race.

Didi's Story: Regeneron

Edited and produced a video telling the story of Didi, a woman who received Regeneron's Eylea therapy to live the life she wanted.

Exhibit Takes Guests to Libraries Around the World

by Vincent Simboli in Montreal "The library is a mirror of the universe," writes Argentinian-Canadian author Alberto Manguel in his 2006 book The Library at Night. As print loses traction in our increasingly digitized world, are we in jeopardy of losing access to these sacred mirrors?

Mcgill Daily
Esperanza in Canada

Zacualpan is a community of mostly Nahua people in the state of Colima, Mexico. In Fall 2013, members of the community approached the organization Bios Iguana, a non-governmental organization, to help them decide whether or not to declare their community mining-free (a common practice for communities seeking to keep mining companies out) after they had been approached by Gabfer, S.A.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Inspiring Patient Videos About PNH, aHUS and HPP | Alexion, Rare Disease Leader

Edited and wrote script for Joe's Story of his life with a rare disease and how Soliris helped him to live the life he wanted. Patients are at the forefront of everything we do. Every day, we strive to make a life-transforming impact in the lives of patients with severe and life-threatening rare disorders. We invite you to meet our patients and their families and hope that their stories inspire you as much as they inspire us.

New Canadian Media
Escaping Pinochet, Chileans Found Home in Quebec

The willingness of Chilean refugees to assimilate into Quebec's unique social context following the 1970s was at the forefront of a panel discussion on the contributions of the Chilean immigrant community in Quebec.

Graphite Publications
Development must be participatory

We are living in an age when it is simpler than ever to have direct conversations with people all over the world. This extends even to previously 'inaccessible' communities in countries that many in Canada and the U.S. want to support in the form of development projects. It has become...

Making a Place for Insects on our Plate

One Memorial Day weekend back in rural Connecticut, I was invited to attend the now-legendary Memorial Day Meatfest and asked to bring a meat for grilling. Instead, I bought a bag of crickets from a nice Thai woman in Rensselaer, New York and at her recommendation, I roasted them with oil and chili powder.

Evin's Story: Regeneron

Edited and produced a video telling the story of Evin, a student who received Regeneron's Eylea therapy and is pursuing a degree in Medicine.

New Canadian Media
Canada's Migrant Groups Petition Trudeau for Help

The refugee crisis displacing millions of people across the world and particularly in Syria has become the major political issue of our time. Canada's new government has made very public commitments to welcome these refugees, and Quebec has officially welcomed 2,800 refugees as of January 2016.

Mcgill Daily
No Justice for Undocumented Youth

Solidarity Across Borders (SAB), a migrant justice network based in Montreal, held a rally in front of City Hall on September 4 to demand Mayor Denis Coderre to take a public position concerning the actions of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), namely entering schools to detain undocumented students.

Mcgill Daily
Food Insecurity on campus - The McGill Daily

Between October 28 and 30, McGill Food Systems Project (MFSP) collected non-perishable food items on the McGill downtown campus, in partnership with The Yellow Door as part of a nationwide Trick or Eat food donation campaign.

Frustratingly Perfect: The Refugee Hotel @ Segal Centre

The Chilean refugees who arrived in Canada in the 1970s and 1980s, particularly in Montreal, have been a community that has captivated me throughout the past two years. I was therefore ecstatic to have the opportunity to see The Refugee Hotel staged at The Segal Centre.