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Brooke van Dyk

Editor in Chief, van Dyk Editing

Location icon Canada

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a writer and editor. I work in several fields, including article writing, resume editing and development, academic consulting, and manuscript review. I pride myself on being flexible with the topics and forms that my writing encompasses -- there's always something interesting in any assignment!

I live in Ontario with my husband and my cats, Loki, Petra, Dax, and Mazikeen. (Yes, we have four!) I am an avid reader, and while I prefer science fiction and fantasy, I'll read anything I can get my hands on. Even if you don't need any writing work done, feel free to message me to swap book recommendations!

If you do want to commission a project, please email me at [email protected] with the parameters of your project! Happy writing!

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Health Care Articles

Six healthcare articles, all relating to the Canadian healthcare system.

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