Valerie Jordan

Editorial Assistant and Freelance Writer

Welcome to a diverse portfolio. I'm editorial assistant at Ashville Media Group and freelance writer elsewhere.


Coming into Fashion
Coming into Fashion: A Century of Fashion at Condé Nast Exhibition comes to Edinburgh
Tartan Revival
Scotland’s national dress is enjoying a renaissance on the catwalk. From Chanel’s recent show in Linlithgow Palace inspired by Mary Queen of Scots to Moncer Gamme Bleu’s...
Convenient Country Living
Who hasn’t dreamed of restoring a rambling farmhouse in the country? Perhaps putting a fashionable stamp on rural real estate? Dating from 1850, Pardovan House is a Victorian...
Kill it with the cover letter
How do you end up on the ‘yes’ instead of the ‘no’ pile? With a kick-ass cover letter, that’s how.
50 ways to burn 50 calories
Think you don't have time to exercise? Valerie Jordan reveals some fun, flirty and easy ways to melt away those calories.
Workout pains it's ok to ignore
Exercise can be a pain, but some mild discomfort is inevitable on the road...
How you can stop being phone hacked
When it comes to safeguarding your smartphone, it pays to box clever.
The little click that could
Find €1,000 in your house. Strapped for cash? Stay at home and start earning – no web-cam required.
What: Aesop
The Fabric of Life
Upholstery and drapery can make or break a room, so stylish, enduring design is crucial. Fast fixes are inadvisable, as they will quickly look tired – seek longevity in interior...
Surrounded by Luxury
Walls may protect you from the Edinburgh winter, but that’s no reason to let them constrain you creatively too. So, why not ditch the usual humdrum choice of wallpapers and...
It's a Dog's Life
A group of very well-trained canines make up the Garda Dog Unit, at Kilmainham Garda Station in Dublin. The Garda Times met with Sergeant Conal Curtis to find out more about...
What's brewing in 2014?
Licensing World’s Valerie Jordan talks to players big and small about what to expect in the world of beer.
That Je Ne Sais Quoi
Wine drinkers philander from region to region but it seems that passion for New World wines is fizzling out and love for the classic world wines is returning. Amour for the...
In with the Crowd
Crowdfunding is a contemporary concept of venture capital creation in Ireland, whereby businesses can bypass the banks and have their loans funded by members of the public....
Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.
Is the fear of failure an obstacle to business development? Or do we accept that certain failures are inevitable on the road to success? As a new exhibition opens on the subject...
Contemporary Cooking
Hotel & Catering Review met with Paul Flynn, Chef and Owner of The Tannery Restaurant in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, to discuss modernised dining, celebrity cheffing and the Irish...
There's Something About Kelly's
Kelly’s Hotel in Roslare has been welcoming guests for 120 years. As the fifth generation of the Kelly family joins the business, Valerie Jordan talks to owner Bill Kelly about...
Messages in Motion
As Treehouse Republic approaches its fourth year in business, Producer Ciara Byrne talks to Valerie Jordan about creating meaningful communication through the medium of...

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