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Val DiGiorgio is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of community. A philanthropist in his local area, he enjoys giving back to those in need.

Valentino DiGiorgio
Sons of Italy Nebraska Reopens

After years of hurdles, the Sons of Italy - Nebraska branch - has finally reopened! 2018 Distinguished Italian-American Award honoree, Val DiGiorgio, shares the exciting news: It's safe to say that 2020 has been anything but typical. At the start of the year, many organizations felt like 2020 would be the year of their comeback.

Valentino DiGiorgio
Caring For The Villanova Community

Rising Villanova University senior, Jasmine Mays, was immediately concerned for her school community in the wake of COVID-19. A doer rather than a dreamer, Mays is stepping up to the plate to make sure her classmates are safe during these uncertain times. Villanova alum, Valentino DiGiorgio shares the story: Psychology and Biology double major, Jasmine...

Valentino DiGiorgio
Young Caretakers At Greater Risk During Pandemic

According to a recent study released by Blue Cross, millennial caretakers have been at an increased risk of stress-related conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Added stress and feelings of isolation and loneliness have largely attributed to the state of the situation. During times of uncertainty, caretakers step up to provide and protect their loved ones...

Valentino DiGiorgio
Entrepreneurs Weather the Pandemic Storm

With some businesses coming to a complete stop, the pandemic has forced many entrepreneurs into adopting new approaches. Will startups survive COVID-19? If you're an entrepreneur who operates an "essential business" -- times may be different, but not debilitating. But if you're on the flipside, you may be facing the loss of your business entirely...

Valentino DiGiorgio
COVID-19: is it Chaos or Cash for Real Estate Investors?

The COVID-19 pandemic has afflicted everyone -- homeowners, tenants and real estate investors alike. Val DiGiorgio taps into whether or not the market is currently good for buying (and selling) real estate. The COVID-19 pandemic has set unemployment ablaze in nearly every industry. The amount of jobs lost has been unprecedented.

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Valentino DiGiorgio

An entrepreneur who maintains a strong sense of community, Val DiGiorgio enjoys empowering others. His philanthropic efforts are predominantly dedicated to supporting young professionals. Currently, DiGiorgio is in the process of developing a scholarship that aims to support members of the United States military and high school seniors.

Valentino DiGiorgio

Energized by his philanthropic pursuits, Valentino DiGiorgio is an entrepreneur who deeply values his community. A proud Christian and family man, DiGiorgio sets an emphasis on giving back to members of his community and church who are in need. In 2018, he was recognized for his professional and philanthropic accomplishments by the Sons of Italy.

Valentino DiGiorgio

Dedicated to his community, Valentino DiGiorgio has earned recognition for his philanthropic efforts. He currently serves on the Board of Directors at Saints John Neumman & Maria Goretti Catholic High School. DiGiorgio is also an Advisory Board Member representing Independence Blue Cross. Val DiGiorgio is a devoted Christian and family man.

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