Usher Khan

Registered Orthopedic Tech (ROT) & Dermatology Medical Assistant

United States

After recently completing his degree in Neuroscience, Usher Khan is looking to begin his career in the medical field. Previously he has worked as a tutor and volunteered helping seniors at a local mosque as well as a Hospital Emergency Department Volunteer.

Usher Khan
Top 20 Careers To Go Into With A Neuroscience Degree

If you are going into college for a degree in neuriscience, you are probably wondering what options you have after you graduate. Neuroscience is a competitive major but thanfully there are a lot of careers you can go into with that degree. It is a field that incorporates lots of different branches of science in...

Usher Khan
What Career Should I Choose If I Like Science?

If you are a high school student, or recent graduate, then you are currently faced with the daunting task of choosing what to do next with your life. If you have always had a passion for science, you could pursue a rewarding career in the field.

Usher Khan
How To Find A Doctor Shadowing Experience

If you are applying to medical school or thinking about a career in medicine, then getting a doctor shadowing experience under your belt is a great way to see what the job will be like. It also looks really good on your medical school application. How do you actually find a doctor to shadow?

Usher Khan
What Is So Special About The James Webb Telescope?

If you have been online recently, you have surely seen the incredible pictures of deep space taken by the James Webb Telescope. Not only are these photographs beautiful, but they help us understand our universe in a deeper way. Usher Khan is a medical assistant and registered orthopedic tech who also works independently as a...

Usher Khan
How To Make Your Medical School Application Stand Out

If your goal is to have a career in medicine, you will know how important your medical school application is. Medical schools are seeing an increase in the number of applicants in recent years, so competition is high. You want to do everything you can in order to make your application stand out, but how...

Usher Khan
Top 4 Tips to Get Into Medical School

If you have always dreamt about a career in the medical field, then medical school may be an option for you. Medical schools are incredibly competitive, so you want to make sure that your application as as strong as it can be. Usher Khan is a medical assistant and registered orthopedic tech.

Usher Khan
How to Have Good Bedside Manner

Maintaining a trusting relationship with patients is key when it comes to healthcare. People want to get treated by professionals who have their best interests at heart. If you work in healthcare, having good bedside manner is important to building that relationship with patients. Usher Khan is a medical assistant and registered orthopedic tech.

Usher Khan Tutoring Services

Are you an aspiring physician currently pursuing your pre-med or graduate level studies in the field of medicine? Usher Khan is here to help! For a limited time, Khan is offering free tutoring services to medical students at all levels of study.

Usher Khan

Usher Khan is a pre-med student pursuing a path to a career in the field of medicine. He maintains his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Neuroscience Studies, which set the foundation for his pursuit into the medical field. With his background firmly set in neuroscience, Khan has since ventured off to fine-tune his areas of expertise in the world of medicine.

Usher Khan

Usher Khan currently works independently as a Science Tutor for students in high school and college. Professional Science Tutor Usher Khan has always enjoyed teaching. Even in his early years of education, Khan was passionate about assisting his classmates with difficult coursework and assignments. In addition to his high school and pre-med studies, he even...