Zoe Sayler

Editorial Fellow, Grist

United States

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Stanford Class of 2018, BA Communication

Published in: Grist, The Seattle Times, Smithsonian Magazine, Stanford Daily, The Olympian, Peninsula Press, MINT Magazine



People who don't trust scientists might just need to Skype one

Communicating with students via video chat, obliging experts have answered all manner of questions: “Have you researched the lost city of Atlantis?” “Would you rather marry a clam or be a clam?” And this, especially burning query: “Is Jupiter made of farts?”

How can I get a job that fights climate change?

This advice goes out to all the climate-conscious teens out there. And, at least career-wise, I have some good news: There’s never been a better market for a climate-related job.

How 21 meddling kids could force a climate turnaround

Back in 2015, a pack of 21 kids sued the United States to try to force government action on climate change. Four years later, that case - Juliana v. United States, or, affectionately, Youth v. Gov - is still tangled up in the courts. And the kids are losing their patience.