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Student at Dalhousie University - English major with a minor in Journalism.
Writer at Dal News - Dalhousie University's news website.

Dalhousie News
Marking the 70th anniversary of Dalhousie football

Dalhousie Tigers fans decked out in black and gold at the Dal Tigers Football Club's home opener on September 24 had a lot to celebrate - including the 70th anniversary of the team's founding. But the anniversary was certainly sweetened with a 39-0 victory over UNB Fredericton - the same score by which the team had defeated UNB Saint John the week before.

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FEATURE: Into the Woods: Amidst teacher-government dispute, Halifax students create their own...

This school year, the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union went head-to-head with the provincial government over contracts. The union enforced a work-to-rule movement, resulting in the cancellation of all extracurriculars for students. In the Halifax region, Grade 12 student Ria Kapur and other drama enthusiasts took matters into their own hands.

Dalhousie News
Fulbright Scholarship takes Dal graduate student to California

Dalhousie graduate student John Mitton has gone from the east coast lifestyle to the golden coast to study at the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California. Mitton set up shop at the Los Angeles-based university in August as part of a fully funded nine-month research term he was awarded by receiving a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

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OPINION: Work in customer service - be a better customer

Those who work in customer service deal with customers' dark moods and harsh criticism. It's an attitude of Us versus Them - customer versus Staff. Everyone should take the opportunity to work in a customer service position, and walk away with some more compassion.

Dalhousie News
Supporting wounded soldiers through sport

"Invictus" is Latin for "unconquered" and a fitting word to describe the wounded soldiers competing in the upcoming Invictus Games in Toronto this September. A panel hosted by Dalhousie's Faculty of Health Professions last Tuesday explored the unique opportunity the Games provide to support soldiers and their families and to enable research on the impact of adaptive sports, a term that refers to competitive sports for individuals with disabilities.

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PROFILE: Terry Bell

A creative profile of my father's professional and personal life so far.