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Alexis Zickuhr

Quality Control/ Social Media Specialist

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I spent the first 18 years of my life in Bettendorf, Iowa with my parents and three brothers. Both of my parents own their own businesses so I was raised in the small business world. After getting offered the chance to play softball at a small Christian school in Wisconsin, I made the venture five hours north and have spent the last four years of my life here. Over the past four years I have been given many opportunities that have helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills in the area of business, marketing, and social media.
I double majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Sports Management and Leadership, as well as, Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. My last internship really gave me the chance to be in charge of social media accounts, the university blog, and pushed me to be creative and step outside of my comfort zone. I later went on to create a social media campaign for a new Women’s Leadership Institute. I am excited to show some of my work and looking forward to seeing where life takes me.

Now, I Am Stronger.

My senior year of high school, January 30th, I was raped. I won't tell you his name, because that isn't important. I won't tell you details, because neither are those.

Life Advice: Parents Edition - Lakeland University

My dad was all about teaching me about life. When I was younger, he would write things on post-it notes and stick them on the inside of one of the cabinets in our kitchen. As I got older, the inside of the cabinet became completely covered in sayings and quotes about life.

Find The Good - Lakeland University

Recently I've been finding myself in sort of a rut ... struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life, and why I haven't been feeling as happy as I want to be. It can be hard trying to act like you have it all together.

Innovation Destination Leads to Memorable Experience for Student - Lakeland University

Campbell, a junior from Sheboygan studying Business Administration and Spanish, was recently selected to be a part of Innovation Destination 2018, a 40 hour, four-state excursion that took her and nine peers to Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. She heard about Innovation Destination through her involvement in the The Commons' nine-week Skills Accelerated program this fall.

Scholarships paving way to student's success - Lakeland University

Israel Macias has a goal to graduate debt free. From working 40 hours a week and applying for every scholarship he can, his goal is very achievable. Macias, a junior, came into college with a fear a little bit different than some of his peers ... being able to pay for school.

Have a Fabulous Week! - Lakeland University

It's the easiest thing to wake up Monday in a crabby, tired, or just "blah" mood. Why? Because it's Monday. It's almost become an excuse for not being in a good mood. But if you let your Monday slip through your fingers, you've only got four days left in the work week.

Homecoming 2018 - Lakeland University

Homecoming 2018 was my fellow seniors and mine last homecoming as students at Lakeland. I'm not going to get super sentimental, but wow! The years sure have flown by! This year homecoming was filled with fantastic events, and many many alumni on campus to join in on all of the fun!

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