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Zibby is a blogger/writer/journalist living in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has appeared in the Portland Mercury, Rip City Review, The Umbrella, and the Pioneer Log. She runs a music blog called Whiskey Kiss. When Zibby's not working she's wandering around town or at home hanging out with her cat.

Portland Mercury
Eidolons Has Freaky Potential

Eidolons' 10-song China is a guitar-fueled journey from math rock to alt-folk. The album, which at times channels OK Computer-era Radiohead and more modern Real Estate-esque garage rock, spans genres with ease. China's journey begins with math rock inspired drumming on tracks "Milonga for a Long Face" and "Xylem and Phloem."

Selling yourself short

Why unpaid internships undermine your well bought education By Zibby Pillote /// Editor-In-Chief You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a job after you graduate? You better work. And if you have a dream of working in the field you paid four years' tuition to earn a degree in, you better hope you score an internship.

Whiskey Kiss, a music blog
Denver & Blitzen Trapper: Nothing not to love

On Friday, the Doug Fir was jam-packed with whiskey-guzzling bumpkins and country-fried music fans. The occasion? Blitzen Trapper and Denver, of course! I've been through a lot with Blitzen Trapper. In 2007 I journeyed to Seattle, Washington for the first time on a trip that would become a precursor to, well, this blog.

Whiskey Kiss, a music blog
Long Live Pickathon

After nearly four years of living in Portland, I finally bit the bullet and overdrew my bank account to attend Pickathon. The weekend-long festival showcases indie and roots musicians from Portland and far beyond, plus a buttload of craft beer, food carts, and a commitment to sustainability.

Editor-in-Chief reflects on four years of service

By Zibby Pillote /// Editor-in-Chief When I was a sophomore, the only things I hung on the cinderblock wall of my Copeland single were printed drafts of the front page of The Pioneer Log.

Whiskey Kiss, a music blog
Musicfest NW 2014: The good, the bad, and the ugly

For the four years that I've lived in Portland, I've attended Musicfest NW. It's always been a long weekend of thought-out adventure and time management that culminates in too little sleep, ear ringing, and general euphoria of seeing dozens of bands across town in venues as small as Bunk Bar to big blow outs in...