Zein Jardaneh

Graduate Student, Columbia Journalism School

Location icon United States of America

Zein B. Jardaneh is a reporter studying at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, with a strong interest in international affairs and socio-economic issues. Previously she worked as a research analyst at a political communications and strategy firm in the United Arab Emirates, where she provided weekly news roundups and analysis for clients. She holds a B.S. in policy analysis and management from Cornell University.

Planting Seeds of Opportunity - Zein Jardaneh - Medium

Harlem Grown Works to Improve Community's Wellbeing By Sara Samora and Zein Jardaneh Diabetes and heart disease, two chronic illnesses that can be managed or contained through healthy lifestyles, are some of the top causes of death in Central Harlem. Neighborhood residents complain that only a few affordable healthy food options exist, particularly for those on food stamps.

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HEALING GOTHAM: Helping People Move Past Addiction - The Ink.nyc

Gail Lewis-Williams, 65, has been an addiction counselor for most of her 32-year career. She began as a case manager at Women in Need, a nonprofit helping homeless women and their children. Realizing that an underlying reason for these women's homelessness was addiction, she worked to become a certified addiction counselor.