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The Diplomat
Interview: Javed Jabbar

Javed Jabbar is a prominent writer, filmmaker, policy analyst, and former senator and federal minister of Pakistan. He is the chairman and chief executive of Karachi communications firm JJ Media (Pvt.) Ltd. He is associated with conflict resolution and cooperation initiatives between Pakistan and India and in South Asia, and is a member of the longest-running Pakistan-India Track-II process, known as the Neemrana Dialogue (since 1992).

The Friday Times
"There is a lack of emotional support for beginners"

Saba Gul has lately been everywhere, from the Huffington Post to Al-Jazeera, Vogue India and fashion blogs. The young woman from MIT started her entrepreneurial career with Bags for Bliss as a full-fledged social entrepreneur, but a couple of years into the business and she felt that way of doing things was not sustainable.

The Diplomat
Prominent Pakistani Social Activist Shot Dead in Karachi

A revolutionary voice was silenced tonight in the bustling Pakistani city of Karachi. Sabeen Mahmud, a Pakistani social activist, best known as the founder and director of T2F (The Second Floor), was shot by unidentified assailants on April 24. She died on her way to the hospital.

The Diplomat
Healing Pakistan's Wounds by Building 141 Schools for Peace

On 16 December, 2014, a school siege in Peshawar resulted in the killing of 141 people, of which 132 were children. The world mourned the devastation and sitting thousands of miles away in Canada, Zaki Patel tried to understand the chaos that had pervaded the nation.

The Friday Times
Manto's shadows

She first saw Manto, the film, at an early private screening. Scenes from the movie were reflected in her eyes as she looked at the characters on screen; the man playing the protagonist was her father, Saadat Hasan Manto. Nuzhat Arshad was seven years old when he passed away.

Ladies Learning Code
Why One Writer Is Learning to Code - Ladies Learning Code

This is a guest post by Zareen Muzaffar as part of our new series showcasing stories, news, and information from our community! A few years ago I was scrambling to get my work published. Having graduated in English from York University with a half-baked masters degree in Journalism from Western University, armed with volunteer experience, Read more...

The Friday Times
Javed Jabbar, Renaissance man

In January 1972, a passionate young writer penned these lines, which were published in The Sun, Karachi. The article was titled "Is the Rural the Real?". "The real Pakistan is not just the plains of the Punjab, the sands of Sind, the aridity of Baluchistan, Frontier hills... Not just these.

Society: Your honour... by Zareen Muzaffar

Honor killings committed by Muslims living in the West have come to represent the host countries' anxieties about immigrants and their culture. But how do Muslim men and women view their struggle with shame and honour abroad? By Zareen Muzaffar

Destination Riyadh
The 10 Best Luxury Resorts Around The Middle East

Travel Trends, Travel News Content Editor at Destination KSA If you have limited amount of time before office or school starts and you want to get away from the hectic pace of life, consider some of the beautiful resorts that are not too far away.

The Diplomat
2 Years Later, Bangladesh's Rana Plaza Debacle Continues to Resonate Globally

On April 24, labor conscious consumers all around the world turned their clothes inside out and asked: who made my clothes? This simple yet powerful question is part of the initiative launched by Cary Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution Day and strong advocate of fair trade and ethical fashion in UK.

The Diplomat
Omar Khadr's Fight for Freedom

Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, was captured in Afghanistan by U.S. forces in 2002, at the age of 15. He was accused of throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier during a firefight. Badly injured at the time, Khadr was shipped to Guantanamo Bay where he spent 10 years and suffered abuse and torture.

Jeddah Blog

Rahul Gandotra's short film, The Road Home was short-listed for the Academy Awards in 2012. The Road Home is a short film about a boy named Pico who runs away from Woodstock, a boarding school in the Himalayas, with a return ticket to Britain in hand.

LinkedIn Pulse
Why the Ice Bucket Challenge is so Successful

Non-profit organizations are not always in the situation to publicize and market their campaigns using a lot of funds. With limited funding or overhead at their disposal, the key is to come up with creative and cost-efficient marketing methods. Digital and social media marketing has made the uphill task for non-profit companies fun and manageable.